Today We are Being Told There is Heaven and Hell

By Marwan Al Masri 

400 years ago, if we told people they will soon ride things that can take them anywhere they want without them performing any physical effort and that can go faster than a cheetah, they would have laughed at us.

300 years ago, if we told people there will be huge boxes with wings that can fit multiple people and that will fly as high as the eagles and take people to far places in hours as compared to the months it used to take them, they would have thought we were crazy.

200 years ago, if we told doctors that soon they will have machines that will show them all the bones of a creature without ever having to open it up, they would have dismissed us as a joke.

100 years ago, if we told everyone there will be a small box-like device that will be used for almost everything in their lives and that will allow them to communicate with people on other continents instantly and see them while they talk to them, people would have thought that’s impossible.

Your age ago, if someone came to you and told you the two small spherical shaped things that are in your head will soon be useful and they will let you see other people and colors. You would have said: “what do you mean by see and people and what are colors?!” If you were told you will be able to walk on your legs and breathe air instead of fluids, you would have said: “no way, I don’t even know what is this air you are talking about!”. If you were told your food will no longer come to you through a cord but you will have to work for it and you will use this thing, your mouth, to eat and drink. You would have said: “now you are just being crazy! That’s definitely impossible!!!”. Then you will be told to simply wait and see… You shall come out of this life and this tiny world of yours and you will be introduced to a much greater world, a world you have never seen or heard of, a world you could have never imagined…

And here you are. The unimaginable back then did actually happen.

Today we are being told there is heaven and hell…

Most of us laugh at those who believe in them. But it won’t be too long before we know if that is impossible or simply beyond the limits of our imagination.