Quiet Room (Non-Fiction Story)

I recently started a new job here in California. On my first day, I mentioned to my bosses that, as a Muslim, I would just need to duck away for a few minutes, a couple of times a day, to do the afternoon prayers. I told them that I could just do my prayers anywhere. So long as I am not in anybody’s way. My bosses were very nice and they said that it would be fine. 

I was really happy when they told me that I could pray in a certain room. Although it was a dark and empty room with a cold, tiled floor, I was more than grateful. Alhamdulillah*.

The best thing about it is that it is only a few feet from where I work. It was certainly more than what I needed. Alhamdulillah. I was indeed so glad to be given this unused space for my Salaah*. 

After a couple of days of doing Salaah in my ‘special’ room, I was shocked to find that it’s now been labelled as “Quiet Room” on its door. I came into the room and guess what? My ‘special’ room had been well-decorated! On the floor was a brand new lush carpet. There was also a little table with a lamp. And a small bench (perfect for taking shoes on and off). I was deeply touched. Alhamdulillah!

Shortly, the bosses emailed all staff members, letting us know that they have officially commissioned this room as a ‘Quiet Room’, suitable for any staff members who wish to pray, meditate or just take a mental break.

Yaa Rabb*. I am so blessed by you. SubhanAllah*. You made good people come my way and instructed them to put this together for me. Alhamdulillah. 

A true story by brother Bryan Conn**


Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or bosses at work for a few minutes or a quiet, secluded spot to do your Salaah. You may be pleasantly surprised at how accommodating and helpful many people are. Best of all, you will not run around trying not to miss any of your prayers anymore and on top of that, you won’t have to secretly pray in the cupboard or emergency staircases or other awkward spots too. Remember, your Salaah is so very important. It should be prayed at its proper time, each day. If you pray five times a day, sincerely for Allah, Allah* will grant you more peace, contentment and happiness within your heart, insha Allah*. And that is priceless.

“…Unquestionably, in the remembrance of Allah, do hearts find rest.” (Quran; 13:28)


.*Brief Meanings:

Allah = The one and only Almighty GodAlhamdulillah = All praise and thanks be to God

Yaa = O

Rabb = The Lord, The Cherisher, The Sustainer, The Owner who has full authority over all of His property, The Master, The One who has the ultimate authority to lead.

Salaah = special prayer which a Muslim performs five times a day

SubhanAllah = Glory be to God; How perfect God is

insha Allah = God-willing

**(This story has been edited from a Facebook Post by Brother Bryan Conn)