Dr. Mohammad Saleem Bajwa – Ecumenical and Interfaith Speakers

Diocesan Convention: Western Massachusetts 117
Bishop Fisher expressed his joy at having opportunities to meet with faith leaders throughout
the region. He introduced Dr. Mohammad Saleem Bajwa, Founding Member of the Islamic
Society of Western Massachusetts.
Dr. Bajwa brought greetings of peace from Imam Wissam Abdel-Baki and all of the Islamic
Society of Western Massachusetts. He offered thanks for the support of the diocese. Quoting
from the Quran – Dr. Bajwa noted the close relationship between Christians and Muslims; the
core values of both traditions: love, peace, compassion, forgiveness and repentance. Dr. Bajwa
shared thoughts on Rekindling Hope, Sharing Light, Loving Jesus. Dr. Bajwa also shared the 628
AD Charter of the Prophet Muhmmad establishing the relationship between Christians and
Muslims, currently held in the museum at St. Catherine’s Monastery at Mt. Sinai. Dr. Bajwa
offered an invitation to all to come visit the Society anytime and all are welcome to attend
prayer services….more: https://www.diocesewma.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Journal-of-2018-Convention-final.pdf