Jesus, He Fell On His Face and Implored Him, Saying, “Lord…

Prayer holds a very important place in the religion of Islam.  It is the second pillar of Islam and the act of ritual prayer is performed five times every day.  There is great power entrenched in the postures of prayer not the least of which is that it establishes and reinforces our connection to God.  This is a connection that God Himself established when he created human beings.  Our ancestor Adam was responsible for teaching his family how to worship God in the correct way which included praying.

All the prophets and messengers God sent to the nations on earth spread the same message, “O my people, worship God, you have no other God but Him” (Quran 11:50).  They all spoke words of wisdom, guiding the people and reminding them that God is One, without partners, sons or daughters.  Most of the prophets mentioned in the Quran are recognisable to people of the Christian and Jewish faiths and they all prayed in much the same way that Muslims pray today.

Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, is the final Prophet and that his mission and message was slightly different to the message of all the prophets before him.  While each prophet was sent specifically to guide his own nation, Prophet Muhammad was sent to guide all of humankind.   He said, “Every prophet was sent to his nation exclusively, but I was sent to all mankind”….more: Islam religion

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