Learn The Arabic Language

Teaching and learning Arabic Language online is a new experience. It is much easier and more entertaining than traditional classrooms environment. 

www.Schoolarabia.net current project: An interactive web based Arabic curriculum accessible to all, any where, any time.

Over Fourty Arabic lessons for beginners based on the Arabic textbook & teaching methods developed by the late Palestinian educator-literate KHALIL ELSAKAKINI (1878-1953).

Our lessons are fully animated with Audio-Visual effects.

 There is a guide line for teachers and parents, and each lesson contains step by step Instructions for learners. Each lesson contains the following stages:

  Reading Stage:

 Listening & Learning.

Practice reading & writing.

 Analyzing words & Sentences Stage.

 Joining letters & Words Stage.

  Reading & Writing Exercises.   

 Lesson Objectives.                                                                   

 Step by step Instructions for learners.

 Guidelines for Teachers & Parents.

 Throughout each lesson, learners can always:

 1. Listen to how the letters& word are pronounced.

 2. See & learn how the letters and words are written.

 School Arabia invites offers of sponsorship from institutes and organizations to develop and support An interactive web based Arabic curriculum (beginner’s level) that is geared towards second language learners.


1. Beginners Level 101: Learn The Arabic Language

2. Beginners Level 103: Learn Qur’anic Arabic