The Final Statement of the Conference on the Renewal of Islamic Thought

In continuation of Al-Azhar’s march towards intellectual and juristic renewal, according to its intermediate approach that has characterized it throughout the ages, the nation’s scholars declare from Al-Azhar the world the following:

1. Renewal is an indispensable requirement for Islamic law, in order to keep pace with the developments of the ages and achieve the interests of the people.

2. The peremptory texts in their validity and significance are not in any way renewed. As for the presumptive texts, they are the subject of ijtihad. The fatwa in them changes with the change of time, place and the customs of people, provided that the renewal comes in light of the purposes of the Sharia and its general rules, and the interests of people.

3. Renewal is a delicate industry, which is only improved by those who are well established in science, and those who are ineligible should avoid avoiding it so that the renewal does not turn into wastage.

4. Extremist currents and terrorist violence groups all participate in rejecting renewal, and their call is based on fraudulent concepts and falsifying legal terms, such as their perception of the system of government, governance, migration, jihad, fighting, and the position of their violators, as well as their violation of the constants of religion with their crimes. Attacking people, money, and symptoms, which distorted the image of Islam and its law among Westerners and those like them from the East, and caused many to link their perverted actions with the provisions of Sharia, and the popularity of the so-called “Islam phobia” in the West, and then the duty of institutions and society to support efforts Countries get rid of the evils of these groups.

5.Who is the basis of the intellectual imbalance in these groups is the settlement between the contractual rulings and the practical rulings, such as considering the act of sins disbelief, and the consideration of some permissible duties as a obligatory duty, which has left people in severe embarrassment and offended Islam and its law seriously.

6. What is meant by the rule of extremist groups is that the ruling is only for God, and that whoever rules from human beings has disputed God Almighty in the most specific characteristics of his divinity, and whoever disputes God is a disbeliever who is permissible in blood, because he conflicts with God in his most special characteristics, and this is a clear misrepresentation of the provisions of the Sharia In the Noble Qur’an and the pure sunnah, which clearly indicated the attribution of judgment to humans, and the dependence on what comes from the people of the solution and the contract of jurisprudence that he referred to God, and we remember here the saying of Ibn Hazm, “It is from God’s rule that he made the ruling to God”, and that is in a proverb The Almighty saying: “Then send a judgment from its people and a ruling.” Some of its people and the Almighty said in Surat Al-Ma’idah: “He will judge you with justice from you.”

Based on this, the culture of people about the concept of governance should be corrected by spreading the doctrine of the Sunnis, and showing that human judgment disciplined by the rules of Sharia does not contradict the rule of God, but rather is from it.

7. Atonement is an affliction that societies afflict both ancient and modern, and it is said only by those who are acquainted with the law of God Almighty or ignorant of his teachings. If a person says a phrase that tolerates disbelief from ninety-nine faces and tolerates disbelief from one side, it is not intended to disbelieve on suspicion of probability, based on the rule of “what has been proven with certainty, it will not disappear except with certainty.”

8. What they advocate of the necessity of the emigration of the homelands has no basis, and the origin is the opposite of it, because the Prophet لا (no emigration after the conquest), and from here the terrorist groups calling on the youth to leave their homelands and migrate to the deserts and the wasteland, and to join the armed groups to flee from their societies that they insist on these infidels The call is a delusion in religion and ignorance of the purposes of Muslim law, and the legal ruling declared by Islamic scholars from Al-Azhar: It is the right of a Muslim to reside in any place of the Muslim countries or elsewhere when he is safe on himself and his money and presentation, and is able to perform the rites of his religion, but The correct legal meaning of migration in an era He left this a sin and migration to seek a livelihood and learning, and seek in the land building and advancing nations.

9. Atheism is a danger that works to strike stability in societies that sanctify religions, and respect their teachings, and it is one of the weapons of intellectual conquest through which – under the pretext of “religious freedom” – it is intended to destroy religions and weaken the social fabric, which is a direct cause of extremism and terrorism, and on Societies are awakened by the negative effects of calls to atheism, denial of the existence of God, and confusion of the ideas of believers in it, and scientists must arm themselves with a regenerative approach in dealing with its dangers that accompanies mental evidence, cosmic proofs, and the results of modern experimental sciences as they support faith truths, through the Tqa for youth and dialogue with them, and to take advantage of modern means of communication in this place.

10. Jihad in Islam – is not synonymous with fighting, but the fighting practiced by it and its companions is one of its types, and it is to push the aggression of the aggressors against Muslims, and not to kill offenders in religion, as the extremists claim, and the established legal rule in Islam is the prohibition of exposure to violators in religion, And the sanctity of their fighting unless they fight Muslims.

11. The matter of the jihad command is the competent authority in the country according to the constitution and the law, not the groups and individuals, and every group that claims this right for itself, armies and trains young people, and pushes it to kill, fight, and behead, it is a corrupting group on earth fighting God and His Messenger, and the competent authorities To tackle them with determination and determination.

12. The state in Islam is the modern, constitutional, national democratic state. And Al-Azhar – represented by Muslim scholars today – decides that Islam does not know what is called a religious state, as there is no evidence for it in our heritage, which is explicitly understood from the provisions of Al-Madinah Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah newspaper, and from the transcendent policy of our noble Messenger, and who came after him from the rightly caliphs. Just as Islamic scholars reject the concept of a religious state, they reject – as much as the same – the state whose system is based on uniting religions and isolating them from people’s directives.

13. The caliphate is a system of government that the companions of the Messenger of God agreed to fit with their time, and the matter of religion and the world was reconciled to it, and there are no provisions in the texts of the Qur’an and Sunnah that are required by a specific system of government, but every contemporary system of government is accepted by the Sharia as long as it provides justice, equality, freedom and protection of the country And the rights of citizens of all faiths and religions, and did not clash with the fixed principles of religion.

14. Ruler in Islam: He is the one who the people accept as ruler in the way determined by the constitution of the state, or what is required by the applicable regulations, and among his duties is to work in the interest of his parish, to achieve justice between them, to preserve the borders of the state, its internal security, the optimal exploitation of its resources and wealth, and meets the needs of citizens Within the available limits.

15. Full Citizenship: An inherent right for all citizens of the same country, so there is no difference between them on the basis of religion, sect, race or color, which is the basis of the first Islamic state, which was included in Al-Madinah Al-Munawarah newspaper, and Muslims should work to revive this principle.

16. One of the righteousness to which Islam called us is to congratulate non-Muslims on their festivals, and what the hard-liners claim is forbidden is rigidity and closure, but rather a slander on the purposes of Islamic law, and it is a matter of sedition that is more severe than killing and harm to non-Muslims, and there is no contradiction in congratulations As the Puritans claim.

17. Officials must prevent the information material that carries this ideology, which is activated on the occasions of holy feasts for non-Muslims, due to the tension and muffled hatred that it causes among members of the same society.

18. The crimes committed by terrorist and armed groups – especially the killing of civilians, the army and the police, and others who carry out the tasks of protecting society and the borders of the homeland, and assaulting public and private property – are corruption crimes on the ground that require all legal, legal, security and military measures to be taken, and measures must be taken A deterrent operation to terrorist groups and the states that sponsor and support them, which harbor these outposts and put them on their homelands.

19. Drugs and other intoxicants – regardless of their name and amount or less – and what affects the mind and behavior are absolutely forbidden, and all educational, cultural, advocacy and security measures that prevent their use and circulation must be taken, and deterrent penalties must be enacted for their owners and promoters, and support for addiction treatment centers To increase its ability to treat addicts and integrate them into society, and the competent authorities should prevent the drug traffickers and drug users from showing dramas in an appearance that tempts young people to imitate them.

20. Resisting corruption, fraud, nepotism, and unfair discrimination between equal opportunities is a religious, legal, societal, and moral responsibility for which each official is accountable, and all institutions must support the state’s role in eliminating it because of these harmful effects on the development and stability of societies.

21. Suicide is a heinous crime – an emergency on our societies – that increases its ugliness over the murder of a human being for others, so the murderer for others – which is like the killer of all mankind – may escape punishment by pardoning parents or obtaining punishment in the world, while the suicide who dies with his heinous crime, and it is obligatory for Scientists, thinkers, and those concerned with education, culture, and youth study the causes of some young people resorting to this crime, and put urgent, medium and remote solutions to stop this incoming crime on our religious eastern society.

22. Revenge crimes are an ugly ignorant heritage, not suitable for civilized societies that believe in divine religions, and if the murder took place, the punishment of the murderer must be left to the judicial authorities … and the guardians of the blood in the punishment of the murderer have nothing but amnesty or blood money, and what some of the blood parents do to kill the murderer Or others, or the displacement of the relatives of the murderer from their homes, or assaulting their property in any form of the assault is a crime no less ugly than the crime of the killer himself, and the competent authorities must take all measures to prevent it.

23. Rumors represent a grave threat to the security and development of societies, and they are among the major crimes stipulated in their legal prohibition, and the concerned authorities must pursue them, expose their falsity, show their danger, and establish deterrent penalties for their promoters.

24. Tourism is an issue determined by the heavenly laws and we must correct the culture of people towards it. The state must protect tourists and prevent attacks against them in any form of abuse or harm. The aggressors must be punished with the prescribed penalties mentioned in this regard. The entry visa issued by the state is a contract Safety that must be fulfilled legally.

25. Archeology is a cultural heritage that defines the history of nations and civilizations, and is not considered idols or idols – as claimed by stray thought – it is not permissible to attack it or do anything that changes its original nature, and it belongs to all generations, which the state manages in its favor, even if it is found on land owned For persons or organizations, the penalties for deterring their sale or smuggling them outside the country must be increased.

26. It is permissible for a woman in our time to travel without a mahram, when her travel is safe with a company that accompanies her, or a means of travel that prevents her from being subjected to what she hates.

27. A woman may assume all the jobs that are suitable for her, including the highest positions in the state.

28. Divorce arbitrarily, without reason, considered a forbidden law, and it is taken according to Islamic law, whether by the desire of the divorced or at the request of the wife; To reduce the chaos of divorce, and arbitration in the dispute between the spouses before the divorce occurred, it is mandated by the law, and the scholars concerned with the fatwa must take the easiest words when explaining the legal ruling regarding the cases of divorce.

29. The participant in the development of family wealth must be compensated, such as the wife who mixes her money with the husband’s money, and the children who work with the father in trade and the like, so that the inheritance is taken before dividing it is equivalent to their right; if its amount is known, or is reconciled to it – according to what the people of experience and wisdom see – If its amount is not known.

In conclusion: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, along with Muslim scholars and thinkers, thanks the President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi for his generous care for the work of the conference, and his opening speech that enriched his work, and was one of the most important factors for his success, as well as Al-Azhar Al-Sharif to the esteemed scholars, Excellencies, Excellencies, men of society, women and media men and all Honorable presence, with sincere thanks and appreciation .. Finally, Al-Azhar would like to announce the continuation of work at the Al-Azhar International Center for Renewal to face developments first.

Before we bid you farewell, we would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Government of the Gambia and its Minister of Justice, who prepared and presented an integrated file for the International Criminal Court to condemn the killing, abuse, human genocide, and displacement against Rohingya Muslims, and we gathered at this conference confirm that these events should not go unpunished, and that This would be a disgrace to the silent world of these crimes.

Finally, I thank you and, God willing, until you have honored you in upcoming conferences. May God bless you.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God.
God grants success.
SOURCE: eg24.