Saleha Hamdeen, a 14 year old Bedouin from Palestine, won the International Hans Christian Andersen Award for her fairy tale, “Hantoush,” which was chosen from among more than 1,200 fairy tale entries from all over the world. Hantoush; a Fairytale…

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China Regime Forced Apple to remove a Popular App

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The Rule of Prophet Mohamed – By: Leo Tolstoy

This article is based on the book (The Rule of Prophet Mohammed) by the Russian writer Tolstoy presented by Dr. Mahmoud AhNujairi. The book analysis the relation between the most famous Russian writer and Islam. The book also presents the…

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The hidden treatise by Tolstoy about the Prophet Muhammed

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TO WARD OFF accusations that it helps terrorists spread propaganda, Facebook has for many years barred users from speaking freely about people and groups it says promote violence. The restrictions appear to trace back to 2012, when in the face…

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Impacting the Lives of Many African children

Welcome to Yaakaar . We’re excited to finally announce the opening of this organization. We’re welcoming you all on this journey impacting the lives of many African children. We appreciate all the support and love we get from our followers.…

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Why The Prophet Muhammed Couldn’t Have Wrote The Quran

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Hundreds detained in security crackdown in Kashmir-Indian police officials

Security forces in Indian Kashmir have detained more than 300 people for questioning in recent days as they try to stem a wave of targeted killings that has spread panic among minority groups, two police officials said on Saturday….more:reuters

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Virginia County to Pay $500k for Blocking Muslim Cemetery

WASHINGTON, DC — On Friday, a Muslim nonprofit agreed to accept a $500,000 settlement payment from Stafford County, VA. The Stafford County Board of Supervisors and Stafford County, VA, previously voted 4-2 to settle a religious freedom lawsuit brought forth…

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Shocking moment building collapses in surprise landslide in India

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An Asylum Seeker’s Wrenching Choice: Stay on the Run or Save His Child’s Life

As a humanitarian crisis grows on Poland’s border, where the government has taken a hard line on migrants, one father had to decide whether to save an ailing baby girl and risk being expelled…more: NYTIMES

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It is reported on the authority of Amir b. Sa’d that Sa’d b. Abi Waqqas was in the fold of his camels that his son ‘Umar came to him. When Sa’d saw him he said: I seek refuge with Allah…

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