‘We get our President or we die’: FBI issued dire warning day before Capitol riots; 170 suspects investigated

The FBI issued a dire warning on the day before the Capitol riots that violent extremists were planning an armed uprising in Washington, a plot the attackers described as “war” to coincide with Congress’ certification of Joe Biden’s Electoral College…

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The secret to living longer may be your social life | Susan Pinker

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Antibody Immunoglobulin Immune Function

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Autofocusing reading glasses of the future

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Muslim Adults in Massachusetts

The Future of World Religions. Explore the rapidly changing religious profile of the world through 2050 Will Muslims outnumber Christians in 35 years? Is the number of religiously unaffiliated people increasing? How to use the Global Religious Futures website Learn…

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Homosexuality and Scientific Evidence: On Suspect Anecdotes, Antiquated Data, and Broad Generalizations

Abstract: The American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association have suggested for many years now that there is significant empirical evidence supporting the claim that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexual orientation as opposed to a mental…

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A Weapon Used Against Muslims

False information, is the most powerful weapon used against Muslims, Listen to this smear-caster….Then read… Muslim Demographics – fact vs. fiction There’s a video going around about Muslim demographics in Europe. It was put up by FriendofMuslim, which turns out is…

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Airplane Landing

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Decoding the extremist symbols and groups at the Capitol Hill insurrection

(CNN)Flags, signs and symbols of racist, white supremacist and extremist groups were displayed along with Trump 2020 banners and American flags at Wednesday’s riot at the US Capitol. The pictures tell part of the story of the beliefs of some…

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Feds say police found a pickup truck full of bombs and guns near Capitol insurrection as wide-ranging investigation unfurls

An Alabama man allegedly parked a pickup truck packed with 11 homemade bombs, an assault rifle and a handgun two blocks from the US Capitol building on Wednesday for hours before authorities ever noticed, according to federal prosecutors….more:cnn

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