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Macron Spreading ‘fake news’ About Muslim Girls

 Emmanuel Macron addressing  the press outside the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Basilica in Nice on 29 October after a knife-wielding man kills three people at the churchFrench president Emmanuel Macron has been accused of spreading “fake news” after claiming that Muslim girls as young as three are being forced into full-face veils while being “raised in hatred of France’s values”. The French head of state painted a picture of lawless suburbs in which abused infants are kept away from children of the opposite sex. He also claimed that there were “hundreds of radicalised individuals” who could strike with a knife at any moment. ….MORE:independent

Turning Enemies into Disciples: Voltaire’s Case

Fiqh Council…Voltaire defended Muslims in the following words: “We are incessantly writing bad books against them, of which they know nothing. We cry out that their religion has been embraced by so many nations only because it flatters the senses. But where is the sensuality in ordering abstinence from the wine and liquors in which we indulge to such excess; in pronouncing to everyone an indispensable command to give to the poor each year two and a half per cent of his income, to fast with the greatest rigor, ”…fiqhcouncil

Islam or France Macron is in Crisis? The Freed Hostage Reveals She Converted to Islam!

Can muslim use a dog tag : MuslimThe 75 year old aid worker, as well as two Italian citizens and a prominent Malian politician, regained their freedom after being held captive by the Support Group for Islam and Muslims (GSIM), which is affiliated with Al-Qaeda. Upon her release on Thursday Pétronin declared that she would pray for Mali “to implore the blessings and mercy of Allah because I am a Muslim,” before continuing “you say Sophie, but it is Mariam that you have in front of you… I’m going to go to France, Switzerland and then I’ll come back to see what is going on here [in Mali]”….MORE:5pillarsuk /  reddit