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Eid Message from ISWM President

Dear Imam, the Mayor, guests and brothers and sisters, May peace be upon you Eid Mubarak My dear brothers and sisters, on your behalf, I thank Mayor Edward Sullivan and his administration, Superintendent Mike Richard, Asst. Superintendent Kevin McQuillan and…

Eid Mubarak :) May Allah accept Your Siyam, Qiyam, Sadaqah and All Your Good Deeds

  • Salaat Eid is on : 9.00 am (sharp), allow extra time to arrive due to the traffic.

    Eid Prayer Place:  Clark’s Field  located behind the West Springfield High School  the address is 425 Piper Road , West Springfield, MA 01089.

  • Handicapped and Elders closer access (with limited parking) available at the back entrance 550 Amostown  Road. 

  • There are no food, drinks, gum or shoes allowed on the field. Please bring your own prayer mats. 

  • Follow Eid Rules and the most important is to treat others (including environment ) kindly, Forgive  and be Fair and Merciful .

How is Eid al-Fitr Celebrated?

  During the month of Ramadan, Muslims observe a strict fast and participate in pious activities such as charitable giving and peace-making. It is a time of intense spiritual renewal for those who observe it. At the end of Ramadan,…

Two Occasions For Joy

Abû Hurayrah relates that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Allah says: ‘Every deed of the child of Adam is for himself, except for fasting. It is for Me and I shall reward it.’ Fasting is a shield, so…