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How the Coronavirus Short-Circuits the Immune System

An alarming new study may explain why immunity after coronavirus infection might be fleeting, and suggests that the virus may need a cocktail of drugs to be brought under control.At the beginning of the pandemic, the coronavirus looked to be another respiratory illness. But the virus has turned out to affect not just the lungs, but the kidneys, the heart and the circulatory system — even, somehow, our senses of smell and taste. Now researchers have discovered yet another unpleasant surprise. In many patients hospitalized with the coronavirus, the immune system is threatened by a depletion of certain essential cells, suggesting eerie parallels with H.I.V.


Everything Facebook Knows About You

Everything Facebook knows about youPrivacy is a very important factor for users. When browsing the Internet our data can be exposed in very different ways. It is a reality that our personal information has great value online. There are many marketing companies that can find a way to obtain this data to include us in Spam lists, send targeted advertising or even sell it to third parties. However, social networks are often a problem for everything we mentioned. In this article we are going to explain what Facebook knows about us …