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AI bot scans internet to spot terror attackers before they strike

The next mass terrorist shooting could be prevented with the use of an artificial Brenton Tarrant, 28, the man accused of killing 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch, posted hate-filled rantsintelligence tool that scans social media sites looking for posts suggesting someone could be about to commit a crime.

In a development that some might compare to the science fiction film Minority Report, a technology company has created an AI program…..MORE:THETIMES

Statement on Recent Hate Crimes

Islamic Society of Western Mass . 377 Amostown Rd. WestSpringfield,MA April 28, 2019 Multiple, Events of Hate, and Violent Attacks on places of Worship. The Islamic Society of Western Mass. condemns the violent attack on worshippers in the synagogue of…

Sri Lanka’s Muslims Face an Angry Backlash After Easter Sunday Attacks

….Until this week, Sri Lanka didn’t have much history of Christian-Muslim violence. The two faiths are small minorities: The country is about 7 percent Christian, 10 percent Muslim, 13 percent Hindu and 70 percent Buddhist.

Religion was not a driving factor in Sri Lanka’s decades-long civil war, in which ethnic tensions between the majority Sinhalese and minority Tamils nearly tore the country apart….MORE NYTIMES

Sri Lanka bombings: officials deliberately hid intelligence, says minister

Image result for Sri Lanka ,bombings, officials, deliberately ,hide, intelligence, youtubeSenior officials deliberately withheld intelligence about possible attacks on Sri Lanka, where a wave of suicide bombings on Easter Sunday killed at least 359 people, according to the leader of the country’s parliament. “Some top intelligence officials hid the intelligence information purposefully. Information was there, but the top brass security officials did not take appropriate actions,” ….more:

Sri Lanka: Thinking Points and Talking Points

Close to 300 Christians celebrating their holiest day, Easter, were murdered by suicide terrorists, and about 500 were injured in Sri Lanka on Sunday.

We stand in solidarity with Sri Lankan Christians and convey our deepest sorrow. May God give comfort to their loved ones and may He bless the injured with a quick and lasting recovery. May Sri Lanka, a lush, green, beautiful country, follow New Zealand’s example by rising above hatred. Ameen…..more: sound vision

Muslim Council of Sri Lanka condemns deadly bombings

“The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka (MCSL) condemns the attacks on the places of worship of our Christian brothers and sisters on their holy day of Easter, as well as on the hotels in Colombo,” the group said in a statement”….more

Sri Lanka bombings: All the latest updates…more: Aljezeera