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15 Surprising Things You Should Never Flush

Dont GIF by Katelyn TarverYou probably don’t spend much time thinking about the functionality of your bathroom plumbing—until something goes wrong, that is. Unfortunately, in many homes, toilets become the de facto disposal method for practically any household item when the trash is full, often leading to serious plumbing problems along the way. If you want to avoid a costly mistake, find out which items plumbers say you should never flush down the toilet. And for more ways to sidestep a plumbing problem, check out these 13 Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain….more: bestlifeonline

Fatigue and headache most common Covid symptoms in children – study

Fatigue, headache and fever are the most common symptoms of coronavirus in children, with few developing a cough or losing their sense of taste or smell, researchers have found, adding to calls for age-specific symptom checklists.The NHS lists three symptoms as signs of Covid-19 in adults and children: a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, and a loss or change in the sense of smell or taste….MORE: theguardian

Where do you need to wear a mask in B.C.? Here are some places where they are mandatory

B.C. has no provincewide mandate for mask-wearing, but many businesses and organizations have policies of their own. Here is a list of prominent locations and organizations that have made masks mandatory. As the coronavirus pandemic develops and changes in British Columbia, so too have policies on face coverings. As a result, this list is likely to change over time and may not be exhaustive….MORE: CBC

Perception of Our Own Body Influences Self-Concept and Self-Incoherence Impairs Episodic Memory

Figure thumbnail fx1How does our body affect the way we think about our personality? We addressed this question by eliciting the perceptual illusion that pairs of friends swapped bodies with each other. We found that during the illusion, the participants rated their own personality characteristics more similarly to the way they previously rated their friend’s personality, and this flexible adjustment of self-concept to the “new” bodily self was related to the strength of illusory ownership ….more: CELL