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Belgium school sends 30 Muslim girls home for wearing long skirts …

A school in Belgium had sent 30 Muslim school girls home last week for wearing long skirts, baggy pants, dark dresses and skirts over pants after such dresses were banned by the principal. The principal is quoted by media to have said “the wearing of baggy pants, long skirts or dark dresses, and skirts or dresses over pants is not tolerated.”…more:  dunyanews

Shocking new video shows unarmed Utah man was listening to headphones when killed by police

A physician said:  “I couldn’t watch the whole thing. This really sad & tragic; what a waste of a life! For what? A “reasonable” suspicion!! If the roles were reversed; would a “reasonable suspicion” be accepted as a defense? Not in our lifetime.”

Dillon Taylor shown clearly with headphones on On August 11th, 2014, Dillon Taylor walked out of a local Salt Lake City, Utah convenience store minding his own…more: DAILYKOS.COM

Francisco Goya The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters

Neither Mr. Hagedorn’s nor Mr. Chagoya’s work is as original as Goya’s. But originality isn’t the standard 311524_Large_20150207010507_241unit of measurement in art anymore. Intelligently parsing and repurposing are equally valued. And in their quoting of “Los Caprichos,” and showing how the series remains relevant today, both are eloquent and morally urgent enough, it seems, to be displayed in proximity to Goya….MORE:  .nytimes.