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ISNA Responds to the 2015 State of the Union Address

Terrorism not a clash between Christian West and Islam: David Cameron

Terrorism not a clash between Christian West and Islam: David CameronFormer British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday said terrorism should not be seen as a battle between the Christian countries of the West and the Islamic countries in the Middle East. It is all about identifying and wiping out a small section that believes in extremism.

Criticizing US President Donald Trump’s view on terrorism, he said it is more of an intellectual battle against those who believe in the “perverted view” of the Islamic religion…more:

Syrian in the Prison of Asad..The World is Watching!

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  • The Tragicomedy continuing without stopping :”Syrian torture victims recall horrors in regime prisons: “Thousand of survivors have been treated by MSF in the last year” (thenational).
  • The only thing is allowed is Drawing Pain: “Haunted by Memories of Syrian Torture, Saved by Art”  (nytimes).
  • Justice will prevail:  Almighty God..: “Do not think that Allah is unaware of what these unjust people are doing; He is only deferring their case to the Day when all eyes shall stare with consternation.” (The Qur’an)

University staff should go to mosques and working class youth clubs to improve campus diversity, says watchdog

Universities should consider reaching out to mosques to recruit more students from ethnic minorities, regulator suggestsUK university staff should consider spending time in mosques and youth centres across the country to boost the number of students from minority groups, the higher education regulator has said.

Sir Michael Barber, chair of the Office for Students (OfS), has accused UK universities of “passively waiting” for underrepresented students to apply, instead of seeking them out. ..more:  .independent

The myth of religious violence

Bullet candlesIt was these European wars, in the 16th and 17th centuries, that helped create what has been called “the myth of religious violence”. It was said that Protestants and Catholics were so inflamed by the theological passions of the Reformation that they butchered one another in senseless battles that killed 35% of the population of central Europe……more:

Letter of Support from Jewish Community Leaders

 Dear Friends, Salaam Aleikum! As a Jewish community, we wanted to convey our deep dismay over the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the travel ban affecting people from predominantly Muslim countries, while at the same time affirming the solidarity and…

Islam, America and July 4th – The Muslim Times

Reciting, “One Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” is like coming home for 4th-of-july.jpgMuslims. Indeed, Islam rests on the foundation of Tauheed, the oneness of God, oneness of universe and oneness of mankind with liberty and justice. If Quran, the holy book of Muslims can be summed up in one word, it would be justice. Justice imbues a sense of security and trust among people leading to peace and prosperity. Our country started out with the constitution that no other nation on the earth had done before…more: themuslimtimes