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ISNA Responds to the 2015 State of the Union Address

Democrat becomes second Muslim elected to Virginia House

Image result for Ibraheem SamirahVirginia voters on Tuesday elected Ibraheem Samirah to fill a vacant seat in the state General Assembly, keeping the seat in Democratic hands.
Samirah, a Palestinian-American dentist, is now the second Muslim to be elected to the House of Delegates, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.
Samirah beat Republican Gregg Nelson and independent Connie Hutchinson for the post, which was left vacant after Democrat Jennifer Boysko was elected to the state Senate in January….more:THEHILL

UN experts: ‘Brutal’ prison killed Egyptian ex-president

U.N. rights experts say Egypt’s ex-President Mohammed Morsi endured “brutal” prison conditions that contributed to his death in custody.They also warn that thousands more prisoners are “at severe risk” from “gross violations” in Egyptian prisons. Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, was from the Islamist, now outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. He was ousted by the military in 2013, after protests. He’d been jailed for six years until his death in a Cairo court while on trial…more: mymcmurray

How Islamophobia Is Becoming Acceptable!

The first edition of the Sun on SundayWhile many were shocked by the Spectator’s decision, last week, to publish an article that was deeply Islamophobic, the reaction followed a pattern that is now well worn, with Liddle claiming that the widespread horror at his words was another case of misunderstood “satire”. But while the Spectator has come to depend on shock-jocks like Liddle, it is not alone. The British media appears to tolerate and even amplify Islamophobia with alarming ease. This is only the most extreme example of a widespread problem. MORE: newsstream

4 reasons why analysts are cautious on Saudi Aramco’s IPO

The company, the most profitable in the world, announced Sunday that it’s planning to list on its local stock market, the Tadawul, in December. But a lack of details on the listing, which eventually could be the largest on record, has left some analysts cold. And they believe there are plenty of reasons why international investors should be wary.
Lack of details
Aramco said Sunday that “the final offer price, number of shares to be sold …more: cnbc

Why do Lebanese People Revolt? Elias Khoury

From the scene of the uprising in Lebanon, I will try to answer the question that has perplexed everyone: Why do the people revolt and who leads their revolution?

The answer to the second part is simple and clear. The people are leading themselves. A small spark exploded in Beirut, igniting the plains and mountains. Suddenly, the slogans were united around two central slogans: “The people want to overthrow the regime,” and “All means all.”…more: Beirutobserver/googletranslation

FBI Recommended ‘Complete Idiot’s Guide,’ Anti-Muslim Books To New Agents

The FBI was telling new bureau recruits as recently as Jan. 2009 that Islam “transforms [a] country’s culture into 7th Century Arabian ways” and recommending a book written by one of Norwegian terrorism suspect Anders Behring Breivik’s favorite authors as well as the Complete Idiot’s Guide To Understanding Islam.That’s the type of information included in a 62-page slideshow …more talkingpointsmemo