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TheGuardian: Donald Mohammed Trump

There’s a slight problem... Donald Mohammed Trump prepares for a rally.Trump and Chabuddy G from the TV show People Just Do Nothinghave a lot in common. Both of their heads have been colonised by dubious coiffures. Both are consumed by the rampant desire for a quick buck. Also they are both Asian. Or at least they are in the new short film Donald Mohammed Trump. Starring PJDN’s Asim Chaudhry, it’s a surreal satire that follows US politics’ favourite grabber of genitalia as he’s 20 minutes late to go onstage at a rally. …more:  theguardian

Try Not To Laugh!

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said, “The example of a good companion in comparison with a bad one, is like that of the musk seller and the blacksmith’s bellows (or furnace); from the first you would either buy musk or enjoy its good smell while the bellows would either burn your clothes or your house, or you get a bad nasty smell thereof” [Bukhari].