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China’s state media defends Xinjiang Muslim crackdown

Paramilitary police patrol the airport in Hotan in western China's Xinjiang region [File: Ng Han Guan/AP]More than one million Uighur Muslims are estimated to be in detention in “counter-extremism centres” in China’s far western region, said Gay McDougall vice chairperson of a UN anti-discrimination committee. Following attacks by separatists, members of the Uighur and Kazakh Muslim minorities in Xinjiang have been arbitrarily detained in indoctrination camps where they are forced to denounce Islam and profess loyalty to the party…MORE: aljazeera

American Muslim women don’t need you to save them from Islam. They need your respect.

Hijabs According to a study by The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, for which I direct research, Muslim American women are among the most educated faith group in the country, and outpace their male counterparts in higher education. The majority polled also see Islam as a source of pride and happiness. The more than 40 percent of American women of the Islamic faith who say they wear hijab tell researchers they do so either as an act of piety (54 percent), to be identified as a Muslim (21 percent) or for modesty (12 percent). Only 1 percent said they wear hijab because a family member requires it. Rather than pity, Muslim American women need respect even when their choices don’t conform to the dominant culture’s idea of what liberation is supposed to look like…more:  usatoday


Image result for WHO IS RASHIDA TLAIB? DETROIT NATIVE SET TO BECOME FIRST MUSLIM WOMAN ELECTED TO CONGRESSTlaib has previously said that she stood up during the event and demanded to know whether Trump had “ever read the U.S. Constitution,” before shouting: “You need to read the U.S. Constitution!”

In an interview with CNN before the Democratic primary, Tlaib said that she was “detained” after she was ejected from the event, saying that it was “the most American thing I could ever do.”…more: Newsweek


rashida congressTlaib rose to victory in a tight and crowded race, claiming 33.2 percent of the vote and beating Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones, who garnered 29.2 percent of the vote, according to the New York Times. 

Tlaib will replace John Conyers Jr., who had represented the district since 1965 until his retirement last year following allegations of sexual harassment.

Since there are no Republican candidates contesting the seat, Tlaib is expected to enter Congress unopposed after a special election to take place on November 6, 2018, when she will be formally named as Conyer’s successor…..more: www.newsweek.

Building Moderate Muslim Networks ?

Image result for . Building moderate Muslim. RAND, lebanonBy and large, radicals (as well as authoritarian governments) have been successful in intimidating, marginalizing, or silencing moderate Muslims—those who share the key dimensions of democratic culture—to varying degrees.1 Sometimes, as has happened in Egypt, Iran, and Sudan, liberal Muslim intellectuals are murdered or forced to flee overseas….more:RAND_MG574 source: