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China Targets Muslims With Increasingly Harsh Restrictions

السلطات الصينية أجبرت جميع المساجد تقريباً في نينغشيا ومقاطعة خنان الشرقية على إزالة القباب والحروف العربية Every household would burn their religious books in case they were searched. Shredders were sold out. People would flush the book ashes down the toilet, sometime clogging the pipes,” one Chinese Muslim publisher says of that era. “The persecution we are facing now is worse than that time.”…more: npr / trt

US Senators urge Facebook to address anti-Muslim bigotry

A letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg signed by 15 US senators called for more action to address anti-Muslim bigotry on the platform. Reuters15 US senators called for the platform to address violence and hate speech in a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook is failing to sufficiently address violence and hate speech against Muslim minorities and enforce anti-bigotry policies across its platform, 15 US senators said in a letter addressed to company CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday…more:thenationalnews

Islam, Cartoons of the Prophet, and Murder

Brutal murder again by young Muslim fanatics in several European cities. Are these further cases of a “clash of civilisations?” Of western freedom of speech versus reactionary religious views? Or not? The spectacle of bloody “executions” over caricatures of the…

A Former Senegalese Minister Gives France a Medal of Honor

A former Senegalese minister announced his abandonment of the “French Legion of Honor, and placing it at the disposal of the French Embassy in Dakar, for the sake of the honor of the Prophet Muhammad,” in response to France’s abuse of Islam. Former Culture Minister Amadou Tejan Won, in a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, said that he “is not honored to share the same medal with Samuel Patti (the teacher who published insulting pictures of the Prophet), for deep and sacred reasons,” accusing ..MORE: eg24

Newcastle doctor shares ‘really big concerns’ about Government’s plan to ease lockdown

Prof Pollock, who is part of the independent SAGE advisory group who warned that reopening schools next week could lead to a new surge in infections, said more data was needed on how coronavirus was spreading through different parts of the country. The five tests set by ministers are: making sure the NHS can cope with patient numbers; a consistent fall in deaths; the infection rate becoming ‘manageable’; obtaining enough tests and PPE for future demand and being confident changes would not cause an unmanageable second peak….more: chroniclelive

Al Qaeda’s No. 2, Accused in U.S. Embassy Attacks, Was Killed in Iran

The American Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya, was bombed in 1998, one of two attacks that day attributed to the Qaeda leader Abu Muhammad al-Masri.…The killing occurred in such a netherworld of geopolitical intrigue and counterterrorism spycraft that Mr. al-Masri’s death had been rumored but never confirmed until now. For reasons that are still obscure, Al Qaeda has not announced the death of one of its top leaders, Iranian officials covered it up, and no country has publicly claimed responsibility for it…more:nytimes

Free speech & the law: Public Order

InsultsMany of the public order crimes discussed in this guide are contained in the Public Order Act 1986, which sets out the offences of riot, affray, violent disorder, and the different types of criminal harassment, alarm or distress. However, there are also more specific offences, such as “indecent or racist chanting”…more: indexoncensorship.  You may read: However, if you look at the arrests made under section 5, you will have to admit that it’s making us look a little sensitive. A student was arrested for telling a policeman his horse was gay…more:theguardian