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Egypt: 7 people sentenced to death over killing policemen

Egyptian police [File photo]According to press statements of legal source, who requested anonymity, this ruling is preliminary. It can be appealed before the Court of Cassation (the highest appeals court) within 60 days following the issuance of the reasons for the verdict…MORE: middleeastmonitor
The will of One of the seven innocent people who was executed yesterday for the murder of Ismailia police officer. A message from one on the first day in his grave without injustice..more: Facebook

Erdogan Fulfills Cherished Goal, Opening Hagia Sophia to Prayers

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sealed his long-stated desire to restore the historic Hagia Sophia as a working mosque on Friday, opening the magnificent Byzantine structure built in the sixth century as the world’s largest cathedral to thousands of Muslim worshipers for the first time in nearly nine decades…more: NYTIMES 

Massachusetts Senate Passes Police Reform Bill Overnight

The Senate overcame a difficult roll-out and several false starts to pass a far-reaching reform of policing in Massachusetts on Tuesday that would ban choke-holds, limit the use of tear gas, license all law enforcement officers and train them in the history of racism….more: nbcboston

How China killed Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement in less than a year, while the rest of the world was too weak to help

Tuesday, China passed a new national-security law for Hong Kong, giving it sweeping powers to punish dissent as it sees fit. It ostensibly brings an end to a year of protests that began in March 2019 over an extradition bill, and morphed into demonstrations against the security law in May 2020.
The US threatened sanctions and tariffs if China didn’t roll back its security law, and the UK and EU condemned Beijing.

Boeing PR chief resigns over past article on women in combat

….”My argument was embarrassingly wrong and offensive. The article is not a reflection of who I am; but nonetheless I have decided that in the interest of the company I will step down,” Golightly said. His exit leaves Boeing trying to fill the crucial communications role for the fourth time in less than three years at a time when it is battling to shore up its brand after the prolonged safety grounding of its Boeing 737 MAX jetliner….more:foxbusiness

How to make sure Google automatically deletes your data on a regular basis

The Google search page shown on a phone’s screen.Google is making it easier to delete the data it collects about you — though you might still have to do a little work to enable the feature. The company announced on Wednesday that auto-delete will be the default setting for user account activity settings. That said, this “default” setting only applies to new accounts or existing accounts that now turn on data retention after having it disabled. And the default auto-delete time still gives Google as much as three years of your data, as opposed to manual auto-delete settings that keep as little as three months’ worth…MORE: vox