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Irrational Covid Fears

…Fortunately, it is also curable. The vaccines have nearly eliminated death, hospitalization and other serious Covid illness among people who have received shots. The vaccines have also radically reduced the chances that people contract even a mild version of Covid or can pass it on to others.

Yet many vaccinated people continue to obsess over the risks from Covid — because they are so new and salient….NYTIMES

Blue States Have Pulled Far Ahead of Red States in Vaccinations. Why?

The Success of Top-Down Simplicity – The New York Times: In the early weeks of Covid-19 vaccinations, the shining examples of success were all places with politically conservative leaders. Globally, the countries with the largest share of vaccinated people were Britain, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. In the U.S., the states that got off to the fastest starts were Alaska and West Virginia….more: NYTIMES

The New York Times: Caution vs. optimism

Good morning. Cases are rising again in the U.S., even as the vaccine campaign accelerates. We explain why. The news about the state of the pandemic in the U.S. has been largely positive in the past few months. The vaccines…