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Who is Alex Azar? Former Drugmaker CEO and HHS Official Nominated To Head Agency

Alex Azar Azar, whose grandfather immigrated from Lebanon 100 years ago, is the epitome of the American dream, his father said Monday. “It’s pretty amazing – only in America,” Dr. Alex Azar, who has practiced ophthalmology for more than 30 years in the Maryland community where Azar grew up, told The Daily Times in Salisbury. While he comes from a medical family, Azar has said he ended up in health care “largely by accident.”…more:

Dear Friend:
I will never expect a person to apologize for the fiendish acts of people who are nominally members of any religion. I can not apologize for the many white Christians who try to terrorize Muslims and Jews, or who are racists. The judgement is on their heads. But I must stand for people of peace against attacks. Your  pain is felt by many people who know better than to point fingers and demand apologies and condemn.
You are in my prayers