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Today, Some of The Non-Muslim Countries Lead the world in Islamic values!

Ireland embodies Islamic beliefs, according to surveyThe Koran’s teachings are better represented in Western societies than in Islamic countries, which have failed to embrace the values of their own faith in politics, business, law and society, a leading academic at George Washington University has said. A study of 208 countries and territories has found that the top countries in both economic achievement and social values are Ireland, Demark, Luxembourg and New Zealand. Britain also ranks in the top ten…more:  telegraph

U.S. patients have lower mortality rates with foreign-trained doctors

Image result for U.S. patients have lower mortality rates with foreign-trained doctorsU.S. patients may have lower mortality rates if their doctors were trained at foreign medical schools rather than at American universities, a recent study suggests.

Researchers examined data for more than 1.2 million hospitalizations handled by general internists at U.S. hospitals and found patients were slightly less likely to die within 30 days after admission if their doctor went to medical school in another country….more:  reuters.

In Wakefield, a Muslim woman makes history

New estimates show U.S. Muslim population continues to grow

Recent political debates over Muslim immigration and related issues have prompted many people to ask how many Muslims actually live in the United States. But coming up with an answer is not easy, in part because the U.S. Census Bureau does not ask questions about religion, meaning there is no official government count of the U.S. Muslim population….MORE: pewresearch

Abdul El-Sayed of Detroit, Candidate for Governor, Feels Like a Target

His campaign manager, a veteran of several memorable Democratic primaries, admits he finds it surprising that the alt-right websites are busy with misinformation this early in the campaign. It’s the reason that, for now, they’re keeping all but two of their staff’s names out of the media and the location of the campaign office private. They recently got El-Sayed a bodyguard…more:  deadlinedetroit

Muslim Voices in America: The Making of a Modern Music Scene

The Muslim presence in America dates back to the 1600s and the forced transfer of Africans as slaves. Approximately a third of all slaves brought to the what would become the United States were Muslim, and they brought not only their regional cultures with them, but their religion as well. Current research suggests that the expression of West African music, influenced by the Arabic basis of Islamic liturgy, has a deep and abiding impact on American musical culture. …more: asiasociety

The Year The U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program Unraveled

“This is strategic, that’s why it’s different from previous anti-immigrant mindsets. It is a conscious effort to deconstruct the system,” Crocker says. He points to dramatic budget cuts for the nine private, voluntary agencies that for decades have contracted with the State Department to resettle and integrate the refugee population in communities across the U.S.
“The damage has already been done. These agencies run on the slimmest of margins. The layoffs are already doing structural damage. It’s going to take a long time to rebuild,” he says…more:

The Denationalization of American Muslims

…This is the language of Frank Gaffney. For a decade and a half, Gaffney, a former Reagan administration Pentagon official who heads a small Washington think tank called the Center for Security Policy, has been making two interrelated arguments. First, that the Muslim Brotherhood—which he claims seeks to replace the United States Constitution with a Caliphate based upon Sharia law—secretly controls most American mosques and Muslim organizations. Second, that Islam is not actually a religion. It is a totalitarian political ideology. Thus, its adherents should be treated not like Christians or Jews, but like American Nazis during World War II….more: theatlantic

more:  Frank J. Gaffney Jr. is an American conspiracy theorist who is the founder and president of the Center for Security Policy. Wikipedia*