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Americans, Asking for Social Media Accounts

Customs and Border Protection agents have been invasively questioning Muslim-Americans at U.S. border crossings about their political and religious beliefs, asking for their social media information, and demanding passwords to open mobile phones, according to a set of complaints filed by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)…..more: THEINTERCEPT.COM

Click to support Gus Yacteen’s Medical Support

 On Thursday, January 5, 2017, Gus was wrestling with a friend when he accidentally slammed his head into the ground, ultimately breaking his neck. The hit caused a vertebrae in his neck to break into 3 pieces. This has caused partial paralysis for the time being, and is going to require Gus to go through a considerable amount of rehab to get him back on his feet. Next week Gus will be transported from Baystate Medical Center to a facility in Connecticut for rehab to begin his healing process. Thsi will involve him building up his strength and movement abilities to hopefully get him to walk again. This could take a very long time, up to a year or longer, but we are hopeful for a speedy recovery..more:.  Click here to support Gus Yacteen’s Medical Support 

Islamophobia is on the rise in the US. But so is Islam

WUNC logo…According to a 2010 study by the Association of Religion Data Archives, the number of Muslims in America increased by 67 percent in the decade following the Sept. 11 attacks. There were 1 million Muslims in 2000; by 2010 that number increased to 2.6 million. By 2015, there were 3.3 million Muslims in the US. Other studies say conversion and immigration from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are the main reasons for the dramatic increase….more: WUNC.ORG|

A Visit to the Mosque of West Springfield

They believe in Mary and a virgin conception, in fact they speak of Mary far more than Christians do; they have a whole chapter entitle “Mary” in the Quran. However they don’t believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God. But instead a prophet of a single and all powerful God (Allah), who sees and knows all, has always existed and always will. Muhammad was the last prophet and the most influential to Islam (the founder). The Islamic religion also possesses rules, which resembles the bill of rights as the Imam explains. This bill emphasizes faith, first and foremost, followed by life, then intellect, fourth is family and the last is economy.

The Imam was very open to questions, in fact he encouraged and invited questions….MORE:

Mosque Gets Makeover for Utah Muslims You may not Know About: Bosniaks

 bosniaksIndeed, more than 7,000 Bosnian refugees, their relatives and friends now call the Beehive State home after seeking shelter first in Europe and then the United States.

They are, for the most part, Muslims.

Now they have remodeled a former Baptist church, which they bought in 2010, into their own mosque — complete with a minaret tower, domes, an iron fence, a large covered patio and prayer rugs….more:

17 Muslim American Women Who Made America Great In 2016

But they didn’t remain silent. If anything, Muslim women lead the charge in advocating for the rights of minority groups and taking America to task for its ongoing failure to uphold its founding values of “life, liberty and justice for all.”

Below are 17 of the Muslim American women who made 2016 a kinder, more just and beautiful year. We salute these women and the thousands of others who make this country great….more: HUFFINGTONPOST.COM

Singapore on Top as Asian Countries Dominate PISA Global Education

ocd-top-okkAsian education systems have come out on top in the OECD’s latest PISAglobal survey. Singapore placed first in the three-yearly report, with Hong Kong, Japan and Vietnam all performing well.

The programme tests 15 year-olds from 72 countries in maths, reading and science.

So why do Asian countries continue to dominate?
Euronews’ Charlotte Cullen asked Gabriela Ramos, Chief of Staff for the OECD..more: