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Everything Facebook Knows About You

Everything Facebook knows about youPrivacy is a very important factor for users. When browsing the Internet our data can be exposed in very different ways. It is a reality that our personal information has great value online. There are many marketing companies that can find a way to obtain this data to include us in Spam lists, send targeted advertising or even sell it to third parties. However, social networks are often a problem for everything we mentioned. In this article we are going to explain what Facebook knows about us …


Bandera palestina…The Arab bloc has long been the largest showcase for the Palestinian cause to expose its claims to the international community, but geopolitical interests have prevailed over long-standing, idealistic claims to Palestinian sovereignty. In other words, fear of Iran has displaced the Palestinian cause.

It is enough to compare two cases to understand the change of direction of the Arab bloc with regard to the Palestinian question. In 2009, all Arab League countries explicitly supported Palestine in a claim made before the International Court of Justice…MORE: 

Middle East and New American Strategy

…The British invented new countries like Jordan, reshaped the political order in Arabia, redefined the Persian Gulf and so on. Britain was Rome reborn. The Romans were obsessed with access to Egyptian grain. The British were obsessed with access to…