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Do not accept or reject and be yourself..this is a brainstorming to help choose, develop an approach, or deepen your understanding,

Islam, Cartoons of the Prophet, and Murder

Brutal murder again by young Muslim fanatics in several European cities. Are these further cases of a “clash of civilisations?” Of western freedom of speech versus reactionary religious views? Or not? The spectacle of bloody “executions” over caricatures of the…

Newcastle doctor shares ‘really big concerns’ about Government’s plan to ease lockdown

Prof Pollock, who is part of the independent SAGE advisory group who warned that reopening schools next week could lead to a new surge in infections, said more data was needed on how coronavirus was spreading through different parts of the country. The five tests set by ministers are: making sure the NHS can cope with patient numbers; a consistent fall in deaths; the infection rate becoming ‘manageable’; obtaining enough tests and PPE for future demand and being confident changes would not cause an unmanageable second peak….more: chroniclelive

Are We All Susceptible to Crimes of Passion?

Forensic Psychology | Psychology TodayThe August 3, 2014 edition of The Washington Post contains in its arts section an article about “murderous muses” depicted by choreographers. Agnes de Mille in the ballet of “Fall River Legend” relates the story of Lizzy Borden, a quiet, unmarried daughter who in 1892 murdered her parents. Sarah Kaufman, the author of the article, writes, “De Mille capitalized on what draws us to crimes of passion, the poignancy and surprise of them. .”..MORE: psychologytoday

French philosopher criticizes Macron: Muslims have morals and a sense of honor

In a television episode broadcast last Friday, and in a heated debate between two French thinkers known for their controversial positions, French philosopher Michel Onfray praised Muslims for the famous French program “Face à l’Info” on CNews, in his debate with journalist and writer Eric Zamour about the recent events in the country.

Onfray – known as an atheist – considered that Islam offers a system liberated from materialism, saying that “Muslims teach us a lesson in anti-materialism,” and added, …more:tellerreport

Do you beat yourself up about low self-esteem? It may not actually be a “bad” thing

Why low self-esteem isn't always a bad thingOne of the richest ironies in life is our aptitude to criticise ourselves when all we need is self-empathy. So instead of thinking “My self-esteem is low – but why do I think that?” or “I’ve got low self-esteem – but who says so, and does it matter if it’s true?” we tend to a.) blindly accept the label, and b.) beat ourselves up about it.
Without even questioning the premise of self-esteem, we leapfrog straight into judgement: “My self-esteem is bad and I need to sort it”. Which naturally – and somewhat…more:stylist