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Do not accept or reject and be yourself..this is a brainstorming to help choose, develop an approach, or deepen your understanding,


….When I asked several Englishmen (male and female alike) all of them were unanimous in their decision that King Offa must have acquired the Faith of Islam, and this is the reason that all English history-books state that they have very little documents about him;……more: islamicboard.

Certainly not. Offa’s gold dinar was both a PR stunt and a cunning trade incentive. By 750 CE, the Abbasid Caliphs had ousted the Umayyads, making them the pre-eminent power in the Mediterranean …more:  /medium

A Saudi Murder Becomes a Gift to Iran

Image result for A Saudi Murder Becomes a Gift to IranIt is now clear that Saudi Arabia will not be able to lead a regional coalition to force Iran out of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and then Yemen. Unless Mr. Trump plans to send large numbers of troops to do that, and then have them stay on to make sure Iranian influence does not return, he can hope for regional stability only by focusing on first bringing the Middle East’s wars to an end….more: .nytimes

Why the U.S. Can’t Control MBS ?

Image result for Why the U.S. Can’t Control MBS ?The murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2 has damaged the Saudi regime’s image and credibility worldwide. Partners of Saudi Arabia that have always cherished their close relationships with the regime and refrained from overtly criticizing its domestic repression, such as…MORE:foreignaffairs.