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From father to son: How the Palestinian struggle is passed from one generation to the next

In August 2002, two years into the Second Intifada, Israeli forces closed in on a local Hamas leader in the West Bank village of Tubas near Jenin. Nasser Jarrar was in a wheel-chair having lost both legs and an arm in an explosion. A 19-year-old neighbour of Jarrar, Nidal Abu M’Khisan was given a flak jacket and forced at gunpoint to act as a human shield for troops storming the house…more:  middleeasteye


Palestine Is a Victim of the Iranian-Saudi War – Foreign Policy

On Feb. 18, 1979, just a few days after the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the triumphant return to the country of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, a private plane landed in Tehran at dusk carrying Yasser Arafat. The Palestinian leader was the first foreign dignitary to visit Tehran after the revolution, and he seemed buoyed by hopes that the historic events would provide him with momentum in his own liberation struggle. “I felt as if I was landing in Jerusalem,” he later told Iranian reporters…MORE:

Meet the Muslim Memoirist Who Works With Zionists to Try and Forge Islamic-Jewish Ties

“I first discovered Haroon Moghul when I noticed him following me on Twitter. Normally, this wouldn’t have attracted my attention, except that I was pretty sure that he disagreed with most of what I was writing…” more:

mog harunHaroon Moghul said in his face book page: “I’ve been called a sell-out, a House Muslim, a traitor to the ummah, all because of my work with MLI, a program that takes North American Muslim leaders to Jerusalem to study Judaism, Zionism and Israel with leading Jewish scholars, American and Israeli. Not in order that we agree, but so that we might learn, appreciate, and engage more sincerely…more:facebookhs