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Do not accept or reject and be yourself..this is a brainstorming to help choose, develop an approach, or deepen your understanding,

The Times view on crisis and capitalism

Image result for The Times view on crisis and capitalismThe global economy is in a sharp downturn, which is likely to turn into a steep recession. Investors know this. Hence stock markets have fallen precipitously in the past month. Governments and central banks have no chance of preventing a drop in economic activity, because the cure as well as the disease requires it. If the spread of Covid-19 is to be checked, then consumers have to stop going to shopping centres, theatres and cinemas, and cease going to work on public transport….more:THETIMES

Jealousy: Is There a Way To Control It?

Photo: PixabayJealousy is an almost universal feeling. There must be few people – if they exist – who have been in a relationship and can assure that they have never felt a bit of jealousy. In fact, it is not something exclusive to couple relationships: jealousy is an emotional response to the threat (real or imagined) of losing something that is considered your own. There is even talk of jealousy to refer to envy of someone else’s achievements. But those that generate more problems are, without a doubt, jealousy in the couple…MORE: ELDIARIO/GOOGLE TRANSLATION

Emmanuel Macron’s War on Islamism Is Europe’s Future

Image result for Emmanuel Macron’s War on Islamism Is Europe’s Future“We must never accept that the laws of religion can be superior to those of the Republic.” With these words, delivered in a landmark speech in the eastern city of Mulhouse on Feb. 18, French President Emmanuel Macron launched his government’s strategy against political Islam. “Islamist separatism is incompatible with freedom and equality,” he stated, “incompatible with the indivisibility of the Republic and the necessary unity of the nation.”…MORE:

6 Surprising Secrets For Attracting Your Husband’s TIME, ATTENTION, And AFFECTION

“Marriage Counseling invites you to focus on what your husband is doing, what he’s thinking, and what he wants, taking the focus away from  your own actions, thoughts, and desires. It’s a forum for criticism, blame, and shame. It perpetuates the myth, “If only he would change, I would finally be happy.”

Intimacy skills train you to stay focused on your own paper. Instead of trying to control others, you pay attention to how you feel and what you want. That’s the critical date you need to inform your decisions and actions for the relationship – not what he’s doing or thinking.”…more: enduringallthings

Don’t Call It a Peace Plan

Levy-Mideast plan.jpg…1. Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Peace Plans
Terms of surrender and peace plans are not the same thing. But even terms of surrender have more chance of being durable if they are constructed in such a way as to maintain a semblance of dignity of the defeated party….more:

Trump’s Middle East Plan: Starting Point or Dead End?

Image result for Trump’s Middle East Plan: Starting Point or Dead End?"Of the many proposals for an Israeli-Palestinian peace rolled out over the decades, circumstances made the one President Trump announced on Tuesday the hardest to take seriously. While Mr. Trump outlined what he described as his “vision” for a Mideast peace in the gilded East Room of the White House … View on