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Video Manipulation: Smoking Fish Hunting Snake

Fish Swallows Eel In Bizarre Video – But There’s More To It Than Meets The Eye
Twitter users pointed out that the movements of the fish appeared unnatural and said that it was likely being controlled by someone….MORE:ndtv

  • The Washington Post’s guide to manipulated video ..MORE: washingtonpost

Breaking Up The Technology Mafia

According to Chamath, big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft (GAFAM) have long enjoyed a powerful and almost monopolistic position in the internet economy. Despite a commanding position in the market as a result of its capital and talent strength, these firms have long ignored crucial and hard problems facing the society, and instead focus their resources on pure financial gains….MORE:linkedin

Did The Simpsons Predict Capitol Hill riots? Some Fans Think So.

ImageThe scary images the country saw Wednesday after pro-Trump rioters infiltrated Capitol Hill and the Senate chamber have already become commonplace as pop-culture touchstones. But classic episodes of “The Simpsons” have a knack for capturing the pulse of just about any moment, and some fans noticed similarities in a 1996 parody of “Schoolhouse Rock.”….MORE: thewrap