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FB: Ibin Salman’s Bloody Dream City of Neom

FP: حلم "دموي" لابن سلمان على حساب قبيلة تاريخيةA few days after the Saudi Special Forces killed Abdulrahim al-Huwaiti on April 13, the government put out a statement labeling him a “wanted individual.” Saudi authorities and online trolls referred to him as a “terrorist.” Hours before his death, the tribesman had posted a YouTube video predicting just such a demise. It would be a setup, he explained in his video, punishment for protesting the government’s efforts to forcibly displace the Huwaitat tribe to make way for the futuristic Saudi city of Neom…MORE: FB

Nobody Can Help Iraq Anymore

A banner with a defaced picture of Mustafa al-Kadhimi, Iraq's former intelligence chief and new prime minister-designate, is seen behind an anti-government demonstrator in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square on April 9.Raise your hand if you were aware that there was a new Iraqi prime minister-designate. No, not the guy who was nominated in mid-March or the guy before him. The new, new one. For those keeping score at home (which at this point is almost no one): On April 9, Iraqi President Barham Salih tapped Mustafa al-Kadhimi to be the country’s next ..MORE: FP

Coronavirus: ‘Much loved’ surgeon Sadeq Elhowsh dies


Sadeq Elhowsh, 58, who worked for St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, died at Whiston Hospital on BBC: Monday evening. The surgeon from St Helens, who had tested positive for Covid-19, spent more than 17 years working for the trust. His family said he was a “wonderful husband” and “dearly loved”.
Speaking to the Local Democracy Reporting Service, they added that they “cannot put into words the depth of our loss.”…MORE BBC

‘All In The Same Boat,’ Faith Leaders Bring People Together When They’re Far Apart

Other faith groups are also emphasizing helping others. The Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts in West Springfield is delivering groceries, toilet paper and hand sanitizer, donated by their members, to the elderly and the disabled even if they’re nor Muslim.

Wissam Abdul-Baki, the imam, said when it comes to the pandemic, we’re all in the same boat.
“You see, the virus does not say you are Muslim and you are Christian and you are Jewish,” he said. “All people together are one in the boat…more: VPR

Islamic Society of Western Mass. holds drive-thru fundraiser to help those in need during pandemic

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts has stepped it up to help feed their neighbors in need.

Due to the state’s public gathering restrictions, the organization couldn’t hold their annual “Ramadan Fight Against Hunger Walk”, so they held a drive-thru fundraiser instead. West Springfield Mayor William Reichelt came by Saturday afternoon for the presentation of a check to the Parish Cupboard…MORE: WWLP

Ramadan Friendly Letter to My Neighbor

(Say: “We believe in Allah and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to you. Our God and your God is one, and to Him we have submitted.”) Glorious Qur’aan. 29:46   Dear Neighbor, I’m writing…

Where Have 140 Million Dutch Tulips Gone? Crushed by the Coronavirus

Demand for tulips dropped precipitously as flower shops around the globe have shut, consumers have gone into lockdown and celebrations have been canceled.For tulip growers in the Netherlands, Friday the 13th of March this year was a true horror show. When tulip stems came up at the country’s largest flower market in Aalsmeer, the prices stalled over and over again at zero…more: