Muslim Youth Initiative

These are our main goals:
1. To individually strengthen our faith, our spirituality.
2. To help serve and unite our local community.
3. To reach beyond our community to display our Muslim values.

Each goal helps us build upon to the next. We cannot expect to help our local community until we put in an honest effort to increase our faith individually. And we cannot expect to have a strong Muslim voice outside our community until we work together as one.

Events and ideas in the works include:
– Hosting halaqahs
– Youth mentoring program
– Masjid cleaning and maintenance
– Organized trips to visit the sick
– Delivering care packages to the needy
– Interfaith meetings with other religious youth groups
– Volunteering and participating at other local charities

What sets us apart is that our emphasis will primarily be on active community involvement and service. Planning or being focused on purely recreational activities will not be the first priority or a distraction from the main goals.

377 Amostown Road, West Springfield, MA 01089 · Get Directions

Meeting every week at the ISWM after Isha (7:30pm)
Our purpose is to create a youth organization dedicated to the cause of actively pursuing ways to help ourselves in faith and the community. Follow us on face book Muslim Youth Initiative: