Muslim Voices for Trump event cut short after being ‘Zoom bombed’ by activists

An online event organised by “Muslim Voices for Trump” descended into chaos late on Tuesday when activists infiltrated the call in another case of the new viral threat termed “Zoom bombing.” The call, arranged by US President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in conjunction with the group, had to be abandoned when it turned into a disorderly free-for-all less than 20 minutes in. The unnamed activists made passive-aggressive comments each time a Muslim Trump supporter spoke, wrote endless insulting messages on the Zoom chat box,.. more:middleeasteye

Islam is the Faith of Tolerance

“The Messenger of Allah said: ‘Indeed, this religion is easy, and no one will ever overburden himself in religion, except that it will overcome him. So seek what is appropriate, and come as close as you can, and receive the…

For first time, Saudi Arabia rebuked at the UN Human Rights! (But China Elected! Remember Uyghur Genocide)

Vladimir Putin addresses the UN in September.Russia and China have been elected to the UN human rights council for the next three years, but Saudi Arabia failed in its attempt to win a place on the 47-seat body. The result is a severe blow to the country’s efforts to improve its image in the wake of the admitted killing…more: theguardian
– Chinese doctor says she participated in ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Uyghurs…more:catholicnewsagency