Sisters of Providence Health: Prophets of Peace

Left to right: Imam Wissam Abdul Baki explains the teachings of Islam at the “Prophets of Imam Wissam Abdul Baki Sisters of Providence Health Prophets of PeacePeace” clergy breakfast held November 15 at the Bishop Marshall Center at St. Michael’s Cathedral as Sr. Mary Horgan, SP, and Rabbi Herbert Schwartz listen during the panel discussion. The second annual clergy breakfast was sponsored by the Spiritual Care Department at Mercy Medical Center. The panel included speakers from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim traditions.

Daily Hadith

may Allah be pleased with them, narrated: The Prophet (may peace and blessings be upon him) said: “Pudency – Al-Hayaa’u- brings forth nothing but goodness.” Hadith number in Sahih Muslim [Arabic only]: 53

Islamic Society leader slated to speak at interfaith breakfast

Islamic Society leader slated to speak at interfaith breakfast Monday, April 17, 2006 By ALEX PESHKOV [email protected] WESTFIELD – Imam Wissam Abdul Baki of the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts will speak at the 21st annual Interfaith Breakfast Wednesday at…

Abusing a Muslim

Narrated ‘Abdullah: The Prophet said, “Abusing a Muslim is Fusuq (an evil doing) and killing him is Kufr (disbelief).” Narrated ‘Ubada bin As-Samit: “Allah’s Apostle went out to inform the people about the (date of the) night of decree (Al-Qadr)…

Masjid Rules

Al-Qur’ân Al-Kareem states that “The mosques of Allaah shall be visited and maintained by such as believe in Allaah and the Last Day, establish regular prayers, and practices regular (Zakaat) charity, and fear none (at all) except Allaah. It is…