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13 Industries Soon To Be Revolutionized By Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have a rapidly growing presence in today’s world, with applications ranging from heavy industry to education. From streamlining operations to informing better decision making, it has become clear that this technology has the potential to truly revolutionize how the everyday world works…..more:FORBES

Garlic Kills 13 Kinds Of Infection And 14 Types Of Cancer. Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe It?

Benefits for the body of garlic has been known for a long time. For several thousands of years garlic helps to keep the heart healthy and strengthen the immune system. It is not by chance find a symbol of longevity, because its bulb is a real storehouse of nutrients and trace elements. Antioxidants contained therein have a positive effect on the circulatory system of man and his body tissue. Regular consumption of garlic is an effective prevention of cardiovascular disease…more: spicylife

13 of the Biggest, Strangest, and Most Devastating Sinkholes on Earth


One day you’re feeling satisfied with the fruits of all your yard work. The next day, your lawn is a gaping pit of mud. That’s if you are lucky – it could have been your house, neighborhood or, say, local interstate. Sinkholes tend to appear suddenly, and while particular regions are famously prone to sinkholes they happen all over the world….more: webecoist.momtastic.

Allah says: (which means): “Do you feel secure that He who [holds authority] in the heaven would not cause the earth to swallow you and suddenly it would sway?” more: SURATUL-MULK