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16 Ways You Can Support American Muslims in 2016

Looking forward, the only way we — Muslims and non-Muslims — are going to conquer misinformation and extremism, is by working together. We can build peace, but we must build it together. If you are ready to build, then here are 16 simple ways you can support your fellow American Muslims in 2016…more:  huffington

Bernie Sanders Vows To Fight Anti-Islam Sentiment: 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate Hugs Muslim Woman On Stage

“Let me be very personal if I might. I’m Jewish, my father’s family died in concentration camps,” Sanders responded during the speech in front of a couple hundred people at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. “I will do everything that I can to rid this country of the ugly stain of racism that has existed for far too many years.” …more: IBTIMES.COM|BY MICHAEL KAPLAN

American Muslims should fight Islamophobia in 2016 elections

The American Muslim condition is paradoxical. Muslims in the U.S. live in the best of circumstances and the worst of times.American Muslims should fight Islamophobia in 2016 elections Most tend to be mainstream, moderate and middle class. They are educated and are well integrated into American society. In fact, they are seen as a model for European countries to emulate. But American Muslims also live in a sociopolitical climate in which Islamophobia is …more: /america.aljazeera