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Lebanese protesters form human chain across country

BEIRUT, Oct 27 (Reuters) – Protesters formed a human chain across Lebanon on Sunday, the eleventh day of unprecedented rallies against politicians accused of corruption and steering the country towards an economic collapse unseen since the 1975-90 civil war.
Protesters joined hands along Lebanon’s coastal roads attempting to span 171 kilometres from south to north. The country has been paralysed …..more: Reuters

Exclusive: Bill Gates on helping the GCC to tackle poverty and disease across the Muslim world

I never had the chance to meet the late Kuwaiti Dr Abdulrahman Al Sumait, but in recent months I’ve come to appreciate the remarkable man that he was. A physician, Islamic scholar and philanthropist, Dr Al Sumait embodied Kuwait’s tradition of generosity and concern for people in need, which UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon underscored last year in recognising His Highness the Emir Jabar Al Ahmad Al Sabah as a “global humanitarian leader”….MORE:  .arabianbusiness.

Notes from a crisis: One family’s story of being smuggled across the Andaman Sea

When UNHCR first met Abdul on May 3, he knew his wife and son were at sea, but he did not know where. A few days later, around May 7 or 8, his wife told him the entire crew had abandoned ship in a speedboat and directed the passengers towards Malaysia.The Thai number Abdul called to reach his wife worked for two more days after her boat was abandoned, then cut out, Abdul believes, because his wife’s boat had moved into Malaysian territory near the resort island of Langkawi…more:  /qz.com