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The Prophet’s Emigration

Prophet Muhammad discovered that the Quraysh had plotted to kill him rather than to allow him to emigrate to Madinah where he might entrench the forces of Islam for a resolute stand against Makkah and from where he might cut…

THE WOMAN AND THE PROPHET: Narrated Um Hani: (the daughter of Abu Talib) I visited Allah’s Apostle in the year of the Opening of Mecca and found him taking a bath, and his daughter, Fatima was screening him. When I greeted him, He said, “Who is it?” I replied, “I am Um Hani, the daughter of Abu Talib.” He said, “Welcome, O Um Hani ! ” When the Prophet had finished his bath, he stood up and offered eight Rakat of prayer while he was wrapped in a single garment. When he had finished his prayer, I said, “O Allah’s Apostle! My maternal brother assumes (or claims) that he will take revenge on the person  whom i have given protection. ” Allah’s Apostle said, “O Um Hani! We have given Peace and Protection to whom You have given.” (Bukhari :Good Manners and Form (Al-Adab)

Muhammad Ali’s Muslim Funeral

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump wants to attend legendary boxer Muhammad Ali’s funeral on Friday. Ali, who was a proud and vocal Muslim, died on on June 3rd. Despite the fact that Trump has advocated for keeping Muslims out of the country and has called to dip bullets in “pig’s blood” when killing Muslims, Ali’s family decided to “welcome” Trump to the funeral in accordance with Muslim tradition. Here’s what family spokesmen Bob Gunnell said:more: NEWCENTURYTIMES.COM