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Read the Essay that got a Malaysian-Born Girl Accepted Into All 8 Ivy League Universities

Hsiao, who resides in Walnut, South California, has offers from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia, Cornell and Penn, leaving her with arguably the most pleasant headache of her life, as she decides which world-class institution she wants to join as part of the class of 2021.
Hsiao immigrated from Malaysia at just 5 years old. She’s a first-generation immigrant, and while her resume was impressive beyond all measure, it was her essay about learning English that impressed the universities….more:afterschool.my/news

Should I Eat Chips?

“Potato chips have been consistently reported to have the highest concentrations of acrylamide among all the foods tested,” says T. Koray Palazoğlu,…more:  time.com

Where Did All The Jewish People Go?

“Everywhere around the world. They’re coming to America.
Every time that flag’s unfurled. They’re coming to America.
Got a dream to take them there. They’re coming to America.
Got a dream they’ve come to share. They’re coming to America.”. 
— Neil Diamond, America

The words of the song express the hopes and dreams of all immigrants –- or at least we think they do. Some of us. Some of us don’t. Some of us have a different idea of what the dream is, of what America is…more:  forward.com