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An American Woman Died in a Syrian Regime Prison

saydnaya-prison.jpgLast month, Layla Shweikani’s parents received the news they had been dreading for two years. Their daughter, a 26-year-old Chicago native, had died in Syria.

Shweikani travelled to the country in September 2015 to help people affected by the war raging there, but was arrested by Syrian authorities just six months after her arrival and charged with terrorism offences….MORE:.independent.co.uk

Why Jefferson’s vision of American Islam matters today

Image result for Thomas Jefferson quotesDespite his criticism of Islam, Jefferson supported the rights of its adherents. Evidence exists that Jefferson had been thinking privately about Muslim inclusion in his new country since 1776. A few months after penning the Declaration of Independence, he returned to Virginia to draft legislation about religion for his native state, writing in his private notes a paraphrase of the English philosopher John Locke’s 1689 “Letter on Toleration”:…more:  wtop

American attorney calls Islam a ‘country’ … ignites a series of jokes

American attorney Noel FranciscoWhen it comes to misconceptions surrounding Islam and its followers, the list is quite long. While some of these misconceptions are rather dangerous, fueling hate crimesand asserting degrading stereotypes, others are plain ridiculous.  Here’s the catch: even educated and high-ranking officials in the West have fallen for such false information, and American attorney, Noel Francisco, is a case in point….more:  stepfeed.com