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New Zealand mosque attacks: Who is Brenton?

New Zealand mosque attacks: Who is Brenton Tarrant?…Professor Greg Barton, chair of global Islamic politics at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Globalisation & Citizenship, characterised Tarrant as having an “unhealthy narcissism” common among “terrorists”.
“I think he was drawn by this dark fantasy of going zero to hero, like an Anders Behring Breivik, like the Quebec City mosque shooting of January 2017,” said Barton.”…more: AlJazeerah:

Lebanese Cuisine Ranked Among The 6 Healthiest Ethnic Cuisines!

It is no secret that Lebanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines, if not THE best in the world!
Last year, Travel & Leisure ranked Beirut first place under the Best International Cities for Food in 2016. As for this year, QSR magazine placed Lebanese food among the six healthiest ethnic cuisines. The cuisines listed below use ingredients that have lots of health benefits.
Apart from being delicious, Lebanese food is also healthy! QSR magazine placed it among the 6 of the healthiest ethnic cuisines! …MORE: THE961.

Fighting female genital mutilation among India’s Bohra

While little was known about female genital mutilation in India, that is all changing thanks to Ranalvi and a group of women who have come together under the forum “Speak out on FGM” to tell of their experiences and to encourage other women to speak out too.

Last month a petition was launched by 17 Bohra women calling for a law banning FGM in India.

“A lot of Bohra women contacted me wanting to speak out and talk about what happened to them,” Ranalvi said…MORE:  aljazeera.com  MORE: FGM charge for Detroit doctor Jumana Nagarwala in US first

Should I Eat Chips?

“Potato chips have been consistently reported to have the highest concentrations of acrylamide among all the foods tested,” says T. Koray Palazoğlu,…more:  time.com

#MuslimLivesMatter: Killing of 3 in Chapel Hill stirs alarm among Muslims

Chapel Hill killings reverberate around the world..more:  news.yahoo –  nbcnews – .aljazeera.-  Facebook –  charlotteobserver. – Project: Refugee Smiles. – ‘Execution Style’ – a Question of Motive


all three victims were Muslim and after the three victims were identified in an alert from UNC Chapel Hill as husband and wife Deah Barakat, 23, and Yusor Mohammad, 21, and Mohammad’s sister Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, speculation arose that the killing might be related to their religion. The news sparked outrage and a viral Twitter hashtag, #MuslimLivesMatter, reflecting users belief that the crime was religiously motivated and frustration with what they saw as the media’s failure to report the incident…more washingtonpost