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Hadji Ali grave in Quartzsite, Arizona.

Hadji Ali grave in Quartzsite, Arizona. Hi Jolly or Hadji Ali (Arabic: حاج علي Ḥājj ‘Alī; Turkish: Hacı Ali), later known as Philip Tedro (born ‘Ali al-Hajaya c. 1828 – December 16, 1902), was an Ottoman subject of Jordanian parentage,  and in 1856 became one of the first camel drivers ever hired by the US Army to lead the cameldriver experiment in the Southwest. Hi Jolly became a living legend until his death in Arizona. Once, insulted because he had not been invited to aGerman picnic in Los Angeles, he broke up the gathering by driving into it on a yellow cart pulled by two of his pet camels. MORE:   /en.wikipedia.