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NYC Anti-Muslim Postal Worker Arrest: Woman Was Spit On, Shouted At In Brooklyn, Police Say

A New York City postal worker was arrested Tuesday for allegedly spitting on, threatening and shoutingRTX1VIPV

Coley allegedly confronted the woman — was who wearing a hijab, a head scarf worn by some Muslim women — as she was walking in front of a deli Friday with her sister and pushing a stroller, and made anti-Muslim comments, using Jamaican expletives. After he allegedly spit on the woman multiple times, …more at: ibtimes




Wife Arrested for not Doing the Laundry,

OMEXICAN police have come under fire after a man called to complain that his wife had not done the laundry, and they came and arrested her.

Dulce Requena Garcia, 21, from the city of Tampico was taken to the nearby police station where she was fined the equivalent of $32, but because she didn’t have any money she was locked up for 12 hours…..more: .news.

Zimbabwe president: Arrest gays who don’t conceive children

Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, Gay News, Washington Blade

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on July 5 said authorities should arrest gays and lesbians who don’t conceive children.

“I should like to shut them-up in some room and see if they get pregnant; if they don’t then it’s jail because they have claimed they can have children,” the tabloid New Zimbabwe quoted Mugabe as saying during a rally in Harare, the country’s capital, at which he unveiled the platform of his party, ZANU-PF, ahead of the African nation’s July 31 elections. “So, to that kind of rot, we say no, no, no, no!”….See more www.washingtonblade