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Photo of a Starving Girl in Yemen Prompts Facebook to Remove Posts of Article

…The article highlighted the suffering of Yemeni civilians amid a devastating war pitting Houthi rebels and their allies against a Saudi-led coalition whose campaign of airstrikes, which are aided by American-supplied bombs and intelligence, have killed thousands of civilians. Economic warfare has worsened the despair for many Yemeni families, and the country is at risk of a catastrophic famine. The conflict began more than three years ago, and it received more attention when the killing of a Saudi dissident, Jamal Khashoggi, led to outrage and turned a spotlight on Saudi actions in the region….more:  nytimes

Law Journal Apologizes For Article About Executing Law Professors, Professor Resigns

Professor William C. Bradford, a professor who was — until about half an hour ago — working at the United States Military Academy at West Point, penned a 180-page gem of a manifesto entitled Trahison des Professeurs: The Critical Law of Armed Conflict Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column in the National Security Law Journal. How bats**t crazy was this article? The National Security Law Journal has apologized for ever publishing it!……b p m

That kind of résumé puffery should not fly at Army. When you walk around West Point, you pass a monument emblazoned with the Cadet Honor Code in all-caps, “A CADET WILL NOT LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, OR TOLERATE THOSE THAT DO.” Perhaps the Law Department needs to reflect on this in light of its recent hiring decisions…more:  abovethelaw.com

The US Attorney on the case: “Boston Marathon bombing—it had nothing to do with Islam”

“Make no mistake, the defendant claimed to be acting on behalf of Muslims. This was not a religious crime. And it certainly does not reflect true Muslim beliefs. It was a political crime, designed to intimidate and downloadcoerce the United States. Although the defense claimed that the defendant himself was intimidated and coerced by an older brother, the evidence did not bear that out. The defendant was an adult, who came to believe in an ideology of hate. And he expressed those beliefs by killing, maiming and mutilating innocent Americans on Patriot’s Day.”

What complete and utter untrue nonsense! What expertise or authority does Ortiz have to conclude what true Muslim beliefs are? If she has any, she certainly has never made that fact apparent. more: canadafreepress.

Comments Over Killing of 3 Muslims

– in Ferguson charged a guy they beat for bleeding on their uniforms….

– I hope they don’t start the “he killed them because they were Muslims” without aCraig Stephen Hicks Arrested After Chapel Hill Shooting Kills 33333ny proof. We don’t want a repeat of “he killed him because he was black”….

– Only the faith of the victims is mentioned while killer’s faith is unknown, don’t tell me is a  “media monopoly“! 


-We can thank the narcissists in washington for the great job they think they are doing…

-These poor Students, living their lives, theyre not the enemy and Im sick and tired of the Media making ‘Muslims’ the enemy read more  huffingtonpost.


Germany’s xenophobic anti-Islam movement shocked the world. Then, it defeated itself

By Feb. 9, the number of Pegida supporters in Dresden had dropped from 25,000 (Jan. 12) to

2,000. Monday’s march could mark the beginning of the end of a movement that shocked domestic and foreign observers with its loud, anti-Islam message, but also with the more hidden, xenophobic and sometimes openly racist remarks of its supporters.

Why did Pegida lose so many supporters so quickly?

Here are some possible reasons for the sudden decline…more www.washingtonpost.

NYPD: Muslim Spying Led to no Leads or Terror

NYPD’s secret Demographics Unit spent 6 years spying on Muslim neighborhoods and placing informants in student groups and mosques in New York City and parts of New Jersey Imam Konate Souleimane, center, emerges from a meeting with New York City…