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Ex-UN Syria envoy says he quit to avoid having to shake Assad’s hand

Staffan de Mistura, the former UN special envoy to Syria, has said he quit the post last year because he realised Bashar al-Assad had won the territorial civil war in Syria and he could not bring himself to shake the president’s hand.
He also said he was furious when Russia and the US reached a deal in autumn 2016, before the US election, to de-escalate the civil war by grounding the Syrian air force and separating al-Nusra terrorist forces from the Syrian opposition – a deal that fell apart after a Syrian army attack on a UN aid convoy killed more than 20 people..more:.TheGuardian

Assad can Still be Brought to Justice – and Europe’s Role is Crucial

The hope must be that criminal justice will one day close in on Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad, his henchmen and his enablers. And on that front, there’s been some good news recently: the arrests in Germany and France of three Syrian intelligence officials suspected of torture were groundbreaking. This came on top of the issuance of warrants and the filing of dozens of criminal complaints in a number of European countries, including Sweden and Austria…MORE: THE GUARDIAN

Assad’s Apologists

Image result for Assad’s Apologists, thetimesThe pitiless assault by President Assad on the people of Syria, which began with his suppression of popular protests in 2011, has lasted a year longer than the Second World War. It is not strictly accurate to term this a civil war, for the sides are not equivalent. The Syrian conflict pits a ruthless dictatorship against a captive population, of whom half a million have died and 11 million have been displaced as a direct consequence….more: TheTimes

“I’d rather be killed than be a killer”: How the Assad regime erased peaceful protesters

The friends continued their peaceful protests and decided to offer roses with bottles of water to the soldiers. Hiba remembers when, one night, another prominent Daraya activist, Ghiath Mattar, came to their house with flowers and bottles of water and stayed up all night with Islam, writing messages in preparation for the demonstration the following day. She sends me a photo of a rose affixed to a water bottle with an elastic band, and a handwritten message from Islam to the soldiers: “We are Syrians, why are you killing us?”…more: newstatesman

How UN Humanitarian Aid in Syria Has Propped Up Assad

Image result for How UN Humanitarian Aid Has Propped Up Assad…UN agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have permitted the Assad regime to take control of the $30 billion international humanitarian response, using donor funds to skirt sanctions and subsidize the government’s war effort. The bulk of these billions in diverted funds are from the same Western governments that imposed the sanctions…more: foreignaffairs

Roy Gutman: “Assad Henchman: Here’s How We Built ISIS”

This three-part series documents the Syrian dictator’s sinister contributions to this tale of terrorism and horror. First, he tried to ingratiate himself with Western leaders by portraying the national uprising against him as a terrorist-led revolt. When that failed, he released jailed Islamic extremists who’d fought against U.S. troops in Iraq, then staged phony attacks on government facilities, which he blamed on terrorists. Far from fighting ISIS, Assad looked the other way when it set up a state-within-a-state with its capital in Raqqa, and left it to the U.S. and others to counter the…MORE: thedailybeas

Europe and US Pay Cost of Inaction Against Syria’s Assad

More than half of Syria’s people have fled their homes. Shown, refugees in Turkey on Wednesday. PHOTO:GOKHAN TAN/GETTY IMAGES

Syria isn’t the only conflict that is provoking an exodus to More than half of Syria’s people have fled their homes. Shown, refugees in Turkey on Wednesday.Europe. Millions have also fled their homes in Iraq, and Afghans are increasingly escaping the resurgent Taliban. In those wars, however, the U.S. and European allies are at least trying to address—even if with mixed results—the main causes of displacement….more: http://www.wsj.com/articles/with-refugee-