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The Washington Institute: Pushing Back on Iran in Syria (Part 1): Beyond the ‘Boots’

Apart from its military intervention, Tehran has pursued a wide range of economic and social tactics for increasing its sway in Syria, but Washington can still push back with targeted assistance, innovative sanctions, and strategic messaging.
This PolicyWatch is the first in a two-part series on how to counter Iran’s expanding activities in Syria amid talk of U.S. military withdrawal. Part 2 will discuss the array of Iranian-backed armed groups currently operating there…more: washingtoninstitute.org

Pulling Back From the Fire

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “I am like a person who lit a fire and when the surrounding area became bright with light, the moths and insects began to drop in the fire. The person…

Take This Remedy And You Will Never Have to Suffer from Sciatica or Back Pain Again!

Sсiatiсa is сonsidered a symрtom, rather than a сondition. It is manifested by leg рain, whiсh may resemble a leg сramр or a shooting рain that maкes sitting/ standing diffiсult.
Tyрiсally, the рain worsens when the рerson sits, сoughs, or sneezes. It may oссur out of the blue, or it may develoр over time. Weaкness, burning sensation, and numbness are the most сommon symрtoms. Although rare, symрtoms liкe inability to bend the кnee or move the foot are also рossible…more: spicylife


Blair: Radical Islam Threat Growing, West Should Work with Putin to Fight Back

Watch : “Bloomberg:Tackling Radical Islam Needs Religious Focus: Blair”

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called for Western nations to work with Vladimir Putin in the fight against radical Islam. In a keynote speech to Bloomberg, Mr Blair said that “whatever our differences”, we must work together to fight Islamism, which is the biggest threat to world peace…..MORE:  breitbart.