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More Than 300 Chemical Attacks Launched During Syrian Civil War, Study Says:

Image result for KIDS CHEMICAL ATTACK SYRIAstudy released on Sunday tallies the chemical weapons attacks over the course of the Syrian civil war, which has left hundreds of thousands dead. At least 336 have occurred, according to authors Tobias Schneider and Theresa Lütkefend of the Berlin-based Global Public Policy Institute.

That’s a number higher than previously known — and “we suspect that the real number may still be significantly higher,” they write…more: NPR – abcnews


Depression and Anxiety: Spiritual weakness or chemical imbalance?

Image result for Depression and Anxiety: Spiritual weakness or chemical imbalance?350 million people worldwide suffer from depression and it is the leading cause of disability. In this seminar, we will discuss the psychological roots of depression and anxiety and dispel many of these myths that have plagued our community when it comes to issues of mental health. We will discuss both psychological and spiritual tools given to us by Allah and His messenger  to help us cope with the difficulties of life…more: .eventbrite.

Shocking: Illegal Cancer-Causing Chemical Found In Nearly 100 Popular Shampoo Brands

Although we are aware that toxins and harmful chemicals are all around us, we do not usually worry about their presence in hygienic pshocking-illegal-cancer-causing-chemical-found-in-almost-100-popular-shampoo-brandsroducts. However, you should be careful next time you go shopping for a cleanser or shampoo and conditioner set.

Unfortunately, manufacturers can put any toxic chemical into shampoos and other products, as the FDA allows an odd list of chemicals to be used in these products,…more:.healthyfoodhouse


Alert: Chemical Weapons Spotted in Homs

people, of  the City of Homs, are burn alive by criminal forces of Asad in syria By John Mak Opposition forces and defecting soldiers have stated that they have seen a large stockpile of chemical weapons being stockpiled in a school…