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China: Heartless Crowds…

Image result for cryingWarning: Heartless crowds do NOTHING to help woman knocked down by hit and run taxi in China… leaving her to be killed by a second car.

China’s state media defends Xinjiang Muslim crackdown

Paramilitary police patrol the airport in Hotan in western China's Xinjiang region [File: Ng Han Guan/AP]More than one million Uighur Muslims are estimated to be in detention in “counter-extremism centres” in China’s far western region, said Gay McDougall vice chairperson of a UN anti-discrimination committee. Following attacks by separatists, members of the Uighur and Kazakh Muslim minorities in Xinjiang have been arbitrarily detained in indoctrination camps where they are forced to denounce Islam and profess loyalty to the party…MORE: aljazeera


Image result for CATS AS FOOD: 500 FELINES HEADED TO LOCAL RESTAURANTS RESCUED BY POLICE IN CHINAPolice were tipped off about the cat thief after a man identified as Yang contacted authorities regarding his cat, who he believed had been stolen. Yang’s cat was nursing five kittens just a few days before she went missing.

Upon the search for the cat, police discovered the area where Sun had been temporarily hiding dozens of cats crammed in seven or eight cages in a village near Jiujiang, a police report said. Sun was said to have been preparing to transport the animals to various restaurants for sale when authorities arrived and arrested him…more: http://www.newsweek.com

China Bans Veils and ‘Abnormal’ Beards

Image: Muslim Uighur woman in Xinjiang China has banned wearing veils as part of a major crackdown on what it sees as religious extremism in the western province of Xinjiang.

The measure, which comes into effect Saturday, also bans “abnormal” beards and names, as well as other “extremist signs.” Forcing others to wear veils is also forbidden.

Xinjiang, China’s westernmost region, is home to the Uighurs, a Muslim group which claims to face discrimination from the Han Chinese.

Reflections From the Spiritual Tour of China

Reflections From the Spiritual Tour of China- Mohammad Ali Hazratji
…The protective wall that needs to be built is the one that protects our most treasured possession, our quloob (hearts), from all that distances us from Allah, subhanahu wa ta‘ala. However, imprisoning and sequestering the lower nafs within a wall of restraint and ultimately making it subservient to all that Allah loves and is pleased with, is sometimes a daunting task. It is sometimes harder than the building of the Great Wall. As Sidi Mokhtar teaches from our salaf (predecessors), it is harder to dislodge hawa (whims and inclinations) from within ourselves, once it has taken hold, than carving a mountain with our finger nails. The Great Wall reminds us to direct our efforts to that which is more virtuous in the sight of our Lord and more rewarding….More: almadinainstitute

Cbsnews: How China’s spies can watch you at your desk

In some cases, they send a fakchinatheftot.jpge email to a U.S. worker that looks as if it comes from a colleague. If the worker clicks on the attachment, the Chinese hacker can not only steal documents, but also activate the computer’s camera to watch the worker and listen in on conversations. The goal of such spying, the story explains, is for China to advance its own industries without putting in the research or funding required…more: .cbsnews