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China bans Ramadan fasting in mainly Muslim region

China’s goal in prohibiting fasting is to forcibly move Uighurs away from their Muslim culture during Ramadan,” said Dilxat Rexit, a spokesman for the exiled World Uyghur Congress.

“Policies that prohibit religious fasting is a provocation and will only lead to instability and conflict.” …MORE: www.aljazeera

Uyghurs in China: We Buried the Quran in Our Backyards

Uyghurs in China: We Buried the Quran in Our Backyards –MuslimMatters.org

We are an occupied territory. We know the plights of our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, Kashmir, but why doesn’t the Muslim world know about our struggle?” asks Uyghur diaspora leader from East Turkistan, Anwar Yusuf Turani. He is the founder and prime minister of the East Turkistan Government in Exile. Uyghurs are a Turkic people by race and language, Muslim by religion. MUSLIMMATTERS.ORG

Doctors remove 420 kidney stones ’caused by excessive tofu’ from patient in China

The stones removed by doctorsThe Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “There are two blessings which many people waste: health and free time.” Source: Sahih Bukhari “Doctors in China have removed 420 kidney stones from a man’s body, blaming an excessive amount of tofu in his daily diet.

Mr He from Zhejiang Province in eastern China, checked into the Dongyang People’s Hospital complaining of intense pain in his abdomen last month. A CT scan revealed that his left kidney was packed full of stones, most of them tiny…more: telegraph

China orders Muslim shopkeepers to sell alcohol, cigarettes, to “weaken” Islam

Chinese authorities have ordered Muslim shopkeepers and restaurant owners in a village in its troubled Xinjiang region to sell alcohol and cigarettes, and promote them in “eye-catching displays,” in an attempt to undermine Islam’s hold on local residents, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported. Establishments that failed to comply were threatened with closure and their owners with prosecution….more: WASHINGTONPOST.COM

China Bans Ramadan Fast in Muslim Northwest

 Students and civil servants in China’s Muslim northwest have been ordered by the state20126297372684734_20to avoid taking part in traditional fasting during the Islamic month of Ramadan.

Statements posted in the past week on websites of schools, government agencies and local party organisations in the Xinjiang region said the ban would protect students’ wellbeing and prevent the use of schools and government offices to promote religion, the AP news agency reported on Thursday. more

Three Noes… No Pigeons, No planes, No…

hinese authorities aren’t kidding around when it comes to security measures for the Communist Party’s 18th congress, which begins November 8 in Beijing. In preparation for the once-in-a-decade event, where the party’s new leaders will be named, Beijing residents are…

Self-cleaning cotton!

Efforts to create self-cleaning cotton fabrics are bearing fruit in China. Engineers have created a chemical coating that causes cotton materials to clean themselves of stains and remove odours when exposed to sunlight. The researchers say the treatment is cheap,…