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The 712-page Google Doc that Proves Muslims do Condemn Terrorism

ISWM  and all Muslim community stand against terrorism of all kinds more: www.facebook.comI.S.W.M.

….“Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims,” Hashmi’s classmate told her. What’s more, he complained, not enough Muslims were making a stand against terrorism…. And yet Muslims have often been expected to apologise for the actions of someone on the very fringes of their community, and have done so…more: theguardian 

Muslims Condemn Call for ‘Bible Burning’

KENRIC WARD’S BLOG | Posted:  A posting on Craig’s List called for a “Bible-burning” Saturday at a restaurant owned by a South Florida congressional candidate. But the event fizzled. Targeting Republican Karen Harrington’s restaurant in Pembroke Pines, the announcement stated: “The…