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What Explains the Contemporary Geographic Distribution of Islam?

Stelios Michalopoulos is an associate professor of economics at Brown University, Alireza Naghavi is a full professor of economics at the University of Bologna and Giovanni Prarolo is an associate professor of economics at the University of Bologna found:
“What explains the contemporary spatial distribution of Muslim communities worldwide? Our study’s contribution is twofold.
First, we investigate the role that ancient trade routes have played in facilitating the spread of Islam. Motivated by numerous case studies on the historical relationship between trade and Islam….more: blogs.lse.ac.uk

Contemporary Issues Facing Islamic Centers in the West

Affirming the Status of a Mosque, Financing the Building of a Mosque or Changing its Function Affirming the Status of a Mosque and the Difference between a Mosque and a Musalla The status of a mosque is attained by a perpetual endowment by an owner of a building or a separate

imagesportion thereof to be designated as a mosque. It being of a perpetual nature is a must for a structure to be considered a mosque. It does not include any portion that is not set aside specifically for prayer, even if it is physically connected to the mosque. If the endowment is a common area that cannot be divided, then such an endowment is not proper for a mosque….more: amjaonline.

Contemporary Minnesota Muslim Women

 by: Zafar Siddiqui In celebration of Women’s History Month we will look at contemporary Minnesota Muslim women who founded or lead non-profit organizations, excel in academics, are media personalities, or leaders in politics. This list is merely a sampling of the…

Woman’s Role in Contemporary Society (+VIDEO)

1994 Lecture by the late Shamima Shams highlighting Muslim women’s role in warfare, religion, political activities, affairs of state and the private domain. Rhodes University, Muslim Students Association Islamic Week 1994 I would like to thank the Muslim Students Association…