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AOC Questions Migrant Mother Whose Child Died in U.S. Detention

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez <span class="copyright">PHoto: Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call.</span>Yazmin Juárez, the mother of a toddler who died shortly after being released from a for-profit detention center in Texas, offered a powerful testimony in front of a panel of U.S. House members on Wednesday. Juárez said she and her daughter fled violence in Guatemala and hoped for a better future in the U.S. “Unfortunately, that did not happen,” she told the lawmakers….more: yahoo

Mohamed Morsi Died in a Soundproof Cage

Mohamed Morsi was not supposed to be Egypt’s first civilian president. During a term in office that lasted just one year, Egyptians would jokingly refer to him as the “spare tire,” because he was a last-minute replacement for the preferred candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt’s first presidential election after the Jan. 25, 2011, revolution. (The movement’s initial choice was a powerful millionaire and businessman who was disqualified on a technicality.) …more: nytimes

Service Honors Two International College Students Who Died In River Rescue

…Imam Wissam-Abdul-Baki of the Islamic Society of Western Massachusetts said the two cousins from Saudi Arabia did not hesitate to jump into the Chicopee River when they saw the children struggling in the current.  “And they told everyone: ‘This is our nature. This is my nature when you know me directly’,” said the imam…more:  wamc.