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The Muslims who saved Jews during the Holocaust are finally being commemorated

“Ms Khan, served as a wireless operator during World War II and was recruited to spy for the Allied forces in Nazi-occupied France. Until her arrest she provided critical support to the resistance movement and was executed at the Dachau Concentration Camp.”

Dubbed the “Iranian Schindler”, Islamic diplomat, Abdol Hossein Sardari, saved thousands of Jews from the Nazi regime by confusing the fascist group with their… INDEPENDENT.CO.UK

ISWM: Mosque and church share a meal during World Interfaith Week

The Islamic Center of Western Massachusetts and Greenfield’s Second Congregational Church shared a meal as an expression of interfaith harmony on Friday. The Islamic Society invited members of the Franklin County church for a lunch of Pakistani-style food at the Islamic Society’s Mosque in West Springfield….MORE:  wwlp.com

The Guardian: Harrowing Images of Syrian Ones “Besieged by Assad Regime and Allied” Bring to Mind Horrors Seen During the Second World War

These were harrowing images, ones that bring to mind horrors seen during Image of a young child supplied by activists in the Syrian town of Madayathe second world war. Emaciated children, bones visible beneath their skin, their feeble voices begging for food. The skeletal body of a man who starved to death. The stories behind these images were no less heart-wrenching: families reduced to eating grass and leaves, parents eating nothing at all so their children might survive. These were not scenes from a medieval history book, nor from a country stricken by natural disaster, but from today’s Syria,..MORE:  theguardian.