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In the U.S. and Western Europe, people say they accept Muslims, but opinions are divided on Islam

FT_19.10.07_viewsMuslimsEurope_neighborsFamily420pxThe vast majority of people across 15 countries in Western Europe and in the United States say they would be willing to accept Muslims as neighbors. Slightly lower shares on both sides of the Atlantic say they would be willing to accept a Muslim as a family member. At the same time, there is no consensus on whether Islam fits into these societies. Across Western Europe, people are split on Islam’s compatibility with their country’s culture and values, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center survey. …more: pewresearch.org

Assad can Still be Brought to Justice – and Europe’s Role is Crucial

The hope must be that criminal justice will one day close in on Syria’s murderous dictator Bashar al-Assad, his henchmen and his enablers. And on that front, there’s been some good news recently: the arrests in Germany and France of three Syrian intelligence officials suspected of torture were groundbreaking. This came on top of the issuance of warrants and the filing of dozens of criminal complaints in a number of European countries, including Sweden and Austria…MORE: THE GUARDIAN

The Guardian view on Egypt and Europe: embracing authoritarianism

Image result for theguardian, sisi…Political dissent is suppressed through disappearances, torture and arbitrary arrests. Sami Anan, the former military chief who tried to stand against Mr Sisi in last year’s sham election, has just been jailed. Human rights defenders and labour activists are harassed and prosecuted, journalists detained and barred, the work of NGOs drastically curbed. Constitutional changes now going throug….TheGuardian

Europe German Mayor stabbed in Neck Saved by a Muslim Shop Owner

…Demir, who is of Turkish origin, told the German tabloid Bild that the mayor had just ordered a Turkish kebab sandwich when the perpetrator, who appeared to be drunk, confronted him.
“I myself am hungry and thirsty,” the assailant said, according to Demir, while the mayor “keeps bringing more refugees…… MORE:  washingtonpost.com

Store owner Ahmet Demir describes the events inside his kebab stand, where Altena Mayor Andreas Hollstein was attacked…

Mayor of London Boris Johnson: “Islamic Culture Made a Great and Imperishable Contribution to Civilisation”

Our age is likely to be bedevilled by anxiety about Islam – or at least about Islamism. Consider the Granada, Spain: guide to visiting the Alhambrapsychological impact of Sunday night’s appalling video message from the sick fanatics in Raqqa. We will be forced constantly and ruthlessly to insist on the distinction between Islamic extremism and a religion that is followed around the world by more than a billion people who are no less peaceful, no less loving, no less kind or good than ourselves. ….MORE: telegraph.co.uk

Europe and US Pay Cost of Inaction Against Syria’s Assad

More than half of Syria’s people have fled their homes. Shown, refugees in Turkey on Wednesday. PHOTO:GOKHAN TAN/GETTY IMAGES

Syria isn’t the only conflict that is provoking an exodus to More than half of Syria’s people have fled their homes. Shown, refugees in Turkey on Wednesday.Europe. Millions have also fled their homes in Iraq, and Afghans are increasingly escaping the resurgent Taliban. In those wars, however, the U.S. and European allies are at least trying to address—even if with mixed results—the main causes of displacement….more: http://www.wsj.com/articles/with-refugee-