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Expert on Australia’s decision to close detention center in Melbourne

The Australian government has announced the closure of a detention center in Melbourne, one of the nine facilities used to lock up immigrants who arrived in the country without papers. The government called the decision to close the facility a “milestone in the ramping-down of Australia’s onshore immigration detention network”.

Fragments of ‘world’s oldest known Koran

A manuscript of the Koran found buried away in a Birmingham library is more likely than not the oldest known direct record of the Prophet Mohamed’s teachings, according to an expert at the university where it was discovered… independent

Mystery tuna creature is tongue-eating parasite, says expert

Zoe Butler, of Nottingham, was more than a little perturbed to find that nestled within her sandwich filling was a tiny sea creature. Zoe Butler (right) found the tiny sea creature inside the can of tuna (left) Photo: Newsteam

Zoe Butler was amazed to find a pair of eyes staring up at her when she opened the can of Princes tuna chunks.  more at: .telegraph.