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Why a Notorious Anti-Islam Activist is Fighting the Federal Government in Oregon

Between quoting the Constitution and decrying government oppression, he told his little girls that he missed them and was sorry for missing recent holidays. He reminded them that they need to be good for their mother.

“I’ve had to do a lot of soul-searching up here,” he said. “And I’m with good people, who’ve also had to do a lot of soul-searching — some people who have been doing this soul-searching for years… and I am 100 percent willing to lay my life down to fight against tyranny in this country.”….more: www.washingtonpost.com

Muslim Canadians Who Won in the 2015 Federal Election

An unprecedented number of Muslim Canadians ran in the 2015 Federal Election. With the Liberal surge Muslim Canadians Who Won in the 2015 Federal Electionnationally, particularly in the Greater Toronto Area, several of them won, including Canada’s first Somali
Canadian MP Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s first Iranian Canadian MP Majid Jowhari, and Canada’s first Afghan Canadian MP Maryam Monsef. The majority of Muslim Canadians who will be coming to Parliament are newcomers to politics with the exception of Omar Alghabra and Yasmin Ratansi who were previously Liberal MPs. So far, we have confirmed 10 Muslim Canadian Candidates in total, the largest number in Canadian history. …more:  muslimlink.ca


Horner is the first person in history to be charged with what is known as ‘swatting‘, a growing trend in which a person anonymously files a false police report, such as a murder or bomb threat, in hopes of provoking the police to raid an individual’s home or business. Prosecutors in the case proved that Horner called in multiple false threats against rival online gamers, resulting in SWAT team raids of their residence.  more : http://www.firestorm.com

Federal government sues Minnesota city for rejecting proposed Islamic center

ST. ANTHONY, Minn. — The U.S. government is suing the city of St. Anthony forhalleged religious discrimination for rejecting a proposed Islamic center in 2012, U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger said Wednesday. The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, alleges that the St. Anthony Village City Council treated the group’s application for a conditional use permit at the St. Anthony Business Center on less-than-equal terms as other, non-religious permits to assemble. “Freedom of religion and the right to assembly peaceably are enshrined for all Americans in the Bill of Rights,” Luger said in a news release. “The people of Abu Huraira have a right to assembly peaceably — they have a right to practice their religion, and it’s our job to enforce that right.” more startribune

Federal Power to Intercept Messages Is Extended

By ROBERT PEAR Published: December 28, 2012 WASHINGTON — Congress gave final approval on Friday to a bill extending the government’s power to intercept electronic communications of spy and terrorism suspects, after the Senate voted down proposals from several Democrats…