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Feds investigate allegations of discrimination at Yale

Federal authorities are investigating allegations of discrimination against Asian-American applicants to Yale University. The Education Department said in a letter to the Asian American Coalition for Education on Wednesday that it will investigate a 2016 complaint the group filed against the Ivy League school. The Justice Department will join in the investigation….more: fox61

Feds Charge Kansas Militia Members With Plotting to Bomb Somali

Three Kansas men who were allegedly part of a domestic terrorist group called “the Crusaders” were arrested by the FBI on Friday, charged with plotting to carry out an attack on Muslims living in the state.

The men are identified as Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen, and are all in their late 40s. They belonged to a group that espoused “sovereign citizen, anti-government, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant…more: huffingtonpost