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FIBA Allow HijabSince you joined our petition to FIBA a few months ago, there’s been some good news! At its January meeting, FIBA directed its rules committee to reassess the regulation that bans religious headwear. It won’t be official until May, but we’re expecting FIBA to finally lift the ban that prevents Bilquis—along with other Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish players—from playing professional basketball.more:  “FIBA Allow Hijab.” Click here to watch the documentary.

My Shoes…

The Prophet, said: “Look upon one who is below you in status. In this way you will not look down upon the grace of that God bestowed upon you.” (Bukhari and Muslim). Note: The messages of this Hadith are:1. Count your Blessings. 2. Compare yourself with people who have less than you, rather than those who have more. This is the best way to be happy, and to appreciate what God has done for you.


The first 3D animated film produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008). Nominated for the Best European Short film by the European Film Academy 2008. Awarded with 8 more awards including the “Heart of Sarajevo” for the best short film on Sarajevo Film Festival 2008. Directing, animation, sound – Ivan Ramadan

School Film Blames Muslims for Oklahoma City Bombing

Getting it radically wrong Adam Soltani July 30th, 2014 I recently received a call fromimages (3)aparent in northeast Oklahoma concerned about a History Channel video titled Conspiracy: Oklahoma City Bombing that was shown in her child’s Oklahoma history classroom at Jenks Freshman Academy. One would assume that materials used to supplement our children’s education in the classroom are intended to increase understanding of the subject matter, aid in broadening worldview and develop an understanding of our increasingly diverse society. Unfortunately, the film that is an approved selection in Jenks schools’ media library was little more than a hate-filled video that goes to extreme lengths to drag the blame for one of the most tragic events in Oklahoma history onto Islam and Muslims. more okgazette

Anti-Islam Film-maker Back in Jail

The California man behind an anti-Muslim film that roiled the Islamic world was sentenced Wednesday to a year in prison for violating his probation stemming from a 2010 bank fraud conviction by lying about his identity.   U.S. District Court…

Islam in America:…Afraid to Ask!

Islam in America: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know — But Were Afraid to Ask  Daniel Tutt Fellow, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding Islam in America: Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know — But Were Afraid to Ask One…