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This is the perfect answer to people who say they don’t want Muslims on their flight

 The number of Americans who have been killed by Islamic extremists in the UnitedScreen_Shot_2014-08-06_at_7.33.58_AMStates since September 2001 is just 21 — less than two per year — and none of them on airplanes. Statistically speaking, you’re several times more likely to be fatally attacked on an American schoolyard: in just the year and a half since the December 2012 Sandy Hook attack, 28 people have been killed in US school shootings. And meanwhile, right-wing extremists — virtually all of them white — have killed 37 people since 2001.  MORE vox.com/

An opinon: some time we need to renounce

US Muslim Veteran Barred Again From Flight

CAIR-OK attacked the US homeland security policies for denying Saadiq basic human rights. CAIRO – Straying for six months outside his homeland, a US Air Force Muslim veteran was barred again from flight to visit ailing mother in Oklahoma, receiving…