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Google celebrates the 1075 anniversary of the birth of Abu al-Wafa Buzjana

Today’s doodle honors this man, an innovator whose contributions to science include one of the first known introductions to negative numbers, and the development of the first quadrant, a tool used by astronomers to examine the sky. His pioneering work in spherical trigonometry was hugely influential for both mathematics and astronomy…MORE:.google.com/doodlesAbu al-Wafa' al-Buzjani’s 1075th Birthday

More: Abū al-Wafāʾ, Muḥammad ibn Muḥammad ibn Yaḥyā ibn Ismāʿīl ibn al-ʿAbbās al-Būzjānī or Abū al-Wafā Būzhjānī (Persian:ابوالوفا بوزجانی or بوژگانی‎)…innovations in spherical trigonometry, and his work on arithmetics for businessmen contains the first instance of using negative numbers in a medieval Islamic text… more: en.wikipedia.org

Google’s Poetic Doodles: Shawqi vs Wilde

If any of you visited Google’s homepage today you should be able to see the new Doodle celebrating either Oscar Wilde’s or Ahmed Shawqi‘s birthday depending on where you are in the world, two great poets from two great cultures. Most…