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Warren: ‘White supremacists pose a threat to the United States like any other terrorist group’

Warren: 'White supremacists pose a threat to the United States like any other terrorist group'Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) pledged Monday to combat white supremacy if elected president, saying that white supremacists “pose a threat to the United States like any other terrorist group.”

An audience member at a CNN town hall in Mississippi noted that hate crimes have increased during President Trump’s time in office “and white supremacists have become more emboldened…..”….more the hill

‘Shame for humanity’: Turkey urges China to close Uighur camps

Last month, China passed a law to 'Sinicize' Islam and make it 'compatible with socialism' [Wang HE/Getty Images]…Kenneth Roth, the executive director of the US-based Human Rights Watch group, praised Turkey’s move on Twitter.

“This is a big deal: [Turkey is] The first Muslim-majority country to criticise China so directly for its horrendous treatment of Uighur Muslims, and one of the most powerful Muslim-majority countries at that,” he tweeted on Sunday….more: more: ALJAZEERAH

MI: EL clergy group pledges support for Muslims

“We are here today to be supportive of our Muslim friends, our brothers and sisters, and to share with our community that we will stand with all members of our community,” Rabbi Amy Bigman, of Congregation Shaarey Zedek, said during a news conference. “And we will not back down in the face of hate or anything negative said about one of our brothers or sisters.” LANSINGSTATEJOURNAL.COM

Exclusive: Most Americans see Muslims like any other group after California shooting – poll

Just days after two Muslims were accused of gunning down 14 people in California, a Reuters/Ipsos poll shows 51 percent of Americans view Muslims living in the United States the same as any other communMuslim American Woman Scared to Wear Hijab in Public …ity, while 14.6 percent are generally fearful….

“If terrorism is designed to create a larger gap between Muslims and Westerners, unfortunately they’re succeeding,”… The poll has a credibility interval of 3.4 percentage points for all Americans and about 5.5 percentage points when looking at just Republican or Democratic responses…more:   news.yahoo.com

Jewish Group Stands with Muslim Community: Commits to Continue to Challenge Islamophobia

  In light of the current climate of rampant Islamophobia, we at Jewish Voice for Peace were disgusted to learn that anti-Muslim hate groups have called for a “Global Rally for Humanity” outside at least 20 mosques and Islamic centers across the country on October 9-10. These proposed rallies–designed to “take back the Republic,” and in which some of the organizers are encouraging participants to exercise their “constitutional right” to bear arms–are part of a virulent campaign of violent and racist intimidation targeted at Muslims…MORE: JEWISHVOICEFORPEACE.ORG