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Centering Black Narrative in Early Islamic History | LaunchGood

Inspiring! “Centering Black Narrative in Early Islamic History,” a new book project initiated by Dawud Walid (co-founder of Muslims for Ferguson) and Ahmad Mubarak. As we contemplate how to address anti-Black racism within Muslim communities, this can help unravel harmful stereotypes by expanding our appreciation of Black Muslims. The co-authors describe the book as useful for children and adults. Please donate/share! ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ ‪#‎BlackMuslimHistoryMatters‬

Black Muslim Nobles Among the Early Pious Muslims

Challenging stereotypes: Nine facts about Muslims in the US

Challenging stereotypes: Nine facts about Muslims in the USNine facts about Muslims in the US that challenge stereotypes and perceptions about Islam and Muslims, and their place in American life and history.

Young Iraqi Omar al-Jumaili would never have thought that a stray bullet would end his life in the United States, where he migrated to leave his troubled country behind. In early March this year, while he was using his smartphone to take photos with his brother and his wife in Texas, the three of them got caught in a line of fire in front of their house. Omar immediately fell to the ground and died hours later from his….MORE :    alaraby.co.uk

Is ‘pretending’ to be Muslim an appropriate history assignment?

She wanted students to learn something from the assignment, not become Muslims,” Mr. Mollerskov says. “She did a similar assignment on Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism and we received zero phone calls.”

Is ‘pretending’ to be Muslim an appropriate history assignment?
A Wisconsin high school teacher faces criticism for assigning a paper to her sophomore world history class in which the students were instructed to write from a…more:

The Orientalist View Of The Prophet Muhammad

By Hilal Gorgun, PhD Orientalism is the “scientific discipline” that deals with the material and spiritual culture of the East, as well as the history and languages of the region; these studies reach back to the beginning of history and…

History of the Arab League

Arab Citizens in general perceive themselves as one people divided among a number of states with history, geography, language, culture, and socio-economic interests propelling them to forge one great Arab Nation (Arabism). The British Empire realized this in the early…